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Stronghold Kingdoms Events

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Macon3    4

I plan on hosting a Stronghold Kingdoms Event weekly.  If you have a particular server, times, days you'd like them to be reply here to let me know.  Thanks

Date:  Friday, 18 August 2017

Time: 4-5pm EDT, 8-9pm server time

Hosting Officer:  @Macon3

Event Attendance Token:  YES    social.png.277189aa2dc6401cb8612168b058a (attend event in TeamSpeak and kill/forward report of at least 1 wolf lair during event)

Event Added to DI Steam Group Calendar? (Clan Wide Events Only):   No

Details:  Destroy at least 1 wolf lair on any of following servers:  Island Warfare, Europe4 or USA4.  Forward reports to Macon3 in game.  Who can kill the most wolves?

Macon3 will have a sub-channel up for the event in DI-CII's section of TeamSpeak.

Event open to all in DI, hosted by DI-CII Casual A.



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Macon3    4

new event up for 18th august, see initial post n this thread for details.

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