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  1. This is really sad that a lot of streamers come to this. Honestly if you are still on his side, i'm sorry to say but you are wrong my friend. Seagull will still be one of the top streamers because he never throws games, never is toxic, tries to keep a positive attitude. Whats your guys thoughts?
  2. Nice, but you might want to remove the other 2 same posts of this. lol.
  3. What game can I play that's fun that won't totally mess up my overwatch aim?
  4. Um I like playing with a good genji since I go ana.
  5. Nice montage, I had a few clips that I should've put in. Hopefully you'll do this again.
  6. That would be cool indeed. We just need to know the game modes so probably won't schedule any until we know what the game modes are, but that would be awesome.
  7. Apprently there are very cool skins. I've heard some cool ones about mccree and reaper, but we'll see.
  8. Just get a 1080p monitor with 144-240hz. Really expensive them 4k's are. Lol
  9. I know this might sound simple and obvious, but just play man. Just play a lot of qp, ffa, tdm, or comp. Bots can build bad habits sonce they can be obvious man. Just keep playing.
  10. Ye I agree with Razorback, but if you aren't going to do a compilation and run through the whole thing you should be talking. You should also make a challenge in it aswell. Say everytime you don't get a Genji skin you do something dumb in game or anything like it. Just make it interesting.