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  1. It's so hard for me to play mei I can never hit her shots and always forget my ice walls and stuff.
  2. Tracer, some of the best movement, if you're good aim she can one clip you rlly quickly, if played right can act as a moving tank.
  3. Favorite Band/Artist?

    Imagine dragon, Idk why but their songs really speak to me
  4. Does Anyone know the fastest way I can get to lvl 25 So I can start playing comp?
  5. Lol, "I NEED HEALING ASAP!!!" Thats what I'd be like
  6. TS3 Lagging

    Oh I actually use windows 7 because of something that happened to my computer awhile back.
  7. TS3 Lagging

    Its not lag as in internet more like fps lag even though it says i'm getting about 140
  8. TS3 Lagging

    So you guys might have this problem. Whenever I get a MSG on TS3 doesn't matter if it is a direct message, poke, or just pub chat My game just starts lagging. Anyone know how to fix this?
  9. Lol, that rein "When you try your best but you dont succeedd......." Ha, nice clip man.
  10. Career Goals

    I want to Go Into Computer Engineering, Anyone else in that field. I'm also Taking IT at school so that could get me somewhere.