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  1. I think he's talking about dodging? when you double jump in a direction and the car flips in that direction quickly. This is a fast way of travelling, all cars should do this at the same speed with similar landing however, I could imagine the longer cars (e.g batmobile) hitting their nose on the ground during a front flip if you double jump too quickly.
  2. Woke up this morning having not touched spreadsheets and conditional formatting in like 5+ years.
    I just finished conditional formatting on a spreadsheet with the longest condition I've ever made.

    =AND(OR(AND($B2="" , $D2>49) , AND($B2<>"" , $D2>14)),OR(AND($B2="" , $E2>3) , AND($B2<>"" , $E2>7)))

    Bonus points if you can tell what it's for!
    (hint: if it's true the cells turn green!)

    1. Abi


      if that shit up there ^ can be simplified btw I wanna know!

  3. Top 10 Rappers?

    I like Krispy Kreme or as he's now known, Froggy Fresh. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c3UTzZv8z0Y
  4. basically so you can say how things changed and stuff 100 levels later, it's good to look back and reflect on how you've improved :)
  5. Just looking at Jonen's control set up and thought of a good point to make despite the old post. He has "move forward" or accelerate bound to R1/RB which is a button and boost bound to the analog trigger R2/RT. This means he cannot control his forward speed, it's either full throttle or nothing and he's wasting analog movement for boost which is on/off. I'd strongly recommend swapping these two around.
  6. The things that annoys you ?

    Ive seen a lot of the bad driving... big up #teamSnowCat
  7. I used to use this flash app for warmup/practice between LoL games (so that I misclick less) http://www.aimbooster.com/
  8. Hey guys I was an ADC main back when I played LoL... I think I used to play around Silver V level until one of the more recent season where I was Bronze 3 to Bronze 1 most of the time. I haven't played in ages but if someone doesn't mind playing with a Bronzie I'd love to maybe give the ol' LoL another shot and try to improve. I've also always wished I could play Nidalee or Riven better but I understand the LoL division are not miracle workers xD
  9. I played it for the first time... I think I'm hooked. It's pretty fun but tbh my favourite playstyle so far is to just rush the school on the drop and take out as many as possible xD
  10. The things that annoys you ?

    ahh but Ironically you're fine with "unproper" spelling xD
  11. what anime are you watching right now?

    I like Ecchi :3 but all my fav ecchis are rated like 6 or 7 in your list @Cristie lol :( I really like dan machi and to love ru and you gave them both 7s :O I noticed you didn't have non non biyori on your list so if you like slice of life stuff that could be a good one... I noticed your highest rated were had the genres romance, comedy, action, fantasy, thriller soo maybe you'll like Nabari no ou which wasn't on your list and has the following genres action, adventure, fantasy, comedy :D Nabari no ou is an anime that I never see people talking about but I thought it was good
  12. Whats the best way to tune an electric guitar

    if you don't have an electric tuner you can get phone apps that do it... otherwise what I do is I play Enter Sandman by Metallica, the first note of the intro is a stand 6th string E... then like Sweyn said you can tune the 5th string using the 6th string, So you have top of guitar 6th string: E 5th string: A 4th string: G 3rd string: D 2nd string: B 1st string: e bottom of guitar if you do the 5th fret on the E you get A, 5th on A = G, 5th G = D, 4th fret D = B, 5th fret B = e. also if you have yourself plugged in to and amp put a little overdrive/drive on and play the 5th fret on the string above the one you are tuning and the string that you are tuning open at the same time and let it ring out... whilst its ringing out tune the string and you'll hear the sound vibrate... when they're in tune they will be very little or no vibrating in the sound and you get a clean note. :)