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  1. Oh Hello There!

    hey and welcome to our division i am sure you will like it in here btw what is ur rank in game ?
  2. Suggestion !

    sorry @edge300 i didn't notice it was you who made it
  3. Suggestion !

    that thing is out dated like from dinosaurs age i am not even there also i am talking about making a rule that every player has to Add his rank in his forum Profile or some thing like that like a thing just for our division :)
  4. Suggestion !

    i can play any region even china i just need a team
  5. Suggestion !

    bruh i already know that lmao btw i see you ar gold in 3s do u want to play 3s some time ?
  6. Suggestion !

  7. yo guys i need a team mate plz i am gold 1 in 2s and 3s but i think i play like high gold i am not able to find a team mate through team speak so i tho i would ask here btw i play EU and US-EAST if needed i've never played with some one from DI so i don't know much people i am on on team speak if any one wants to play :)
  8. Suggestion !

    where can i update it ?
  9. Suggestion !

    thank you maybe a section just for our division ranks because you know not all games have same ranking system
  10. Suggestion !

    oh that what DND means lol okay thanks
  11. Suggestion !

    ye and how i see who is online because not every one is in team speak :/ and most people are either playing 3s or muted or higher ranked
  12. Suggestion !

    guys what about adding the ranks of each player at their profile or at http://dmg-inc.com/mdr/ it would be really helpful for finding team mates as of right now i have never played with some one from -DI- well first because i don't know a lot of the members and second i don't want to msg some one who is GC and waste his, btw i am gold 1-2 if any one wants to play.
  13. some of the posts in here are outdated a lot like some say there is teams that don't exists any more and some are still pinned while the team leader has been changed i think it needs a fix