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  1. Damn

    Oh shit yeah maybe I'll try that
  2. Damn

    Because I don't want to start posting stupid shit like this: https://youtu.be/mNFx28NGLfI everywhere
  3. Damn

    This discussion tab's dead I don't want to shitpost to get my 50 posts so could ya'll be more social pls ?
  4. New patch for paladins (again)

    Watched it. My summary Lex and viktor got cool skins a new sniper hero
  5. New patch for paladins (again)

    Hi rez is gonna do a stream on the paladins game's twitch tomorrow at 1 pm for ob57
  6. Paladins NEW PATCH

    hi rez is teasing ob 57 https://twitter.com/PaladinsGame/status/897889472565661698
  7. New patch for paladins

    I won't try to explain why she's terrible just watch this video
  8. New patch for paladins

    skye is by far the worst character in the game.
  9. I found a bug on Paladins

    And I recorded it and posted it on youtube also this happened the game after:
  10. To people who play paladins

    I found one of his videos on somebody else's discord.
  11. To people who play paladins

    This channel is just great : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAmBnXcV-jrraIqLMAeZywg
  12. New patch for paladins

    Just realized why people ban maeve its because they don't want their teamates to pick her since she's low tier .
  13. Today

    remember when people actually spoke their minds instead of posting shitty gifs ?
  14. I'm so done

    Played some of my placements match yesterday I won 2 but lost 2 because of garbage teams (I had an ista pick on skye for fuck sake) who didn't speak english. I'm talking about paladins if you didn't know