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  1. First penta

    Thanks man!
  2. Trying out as Coach and Analyst.

    Nice! The more coaches/analysts, the better!
  3. Good Day

    god adc in the house! :D nice practice yesterday! welcome!
  4. ink Introduction

    welcome, I see you like mobas :D
  5. Hello everyone

    welcome dude
  6. Hey Guys

    meet ya on the rift, bro!
  7. Moi guys

    sup! have nice goals
  8. Guy literally named Damage Inc.

    I believe in you :D
  9. First penta

    Haha I wish :D
  10. First penta

    That's the plan
  11. First penta

    Thanks :)
  12. Kayn Mid?

    Yesterday when I subbed in for the gold team our kayn mid worked very well too! Just make sure you throw in some ap in the jungle or toplane
  13. First penta

    Sorry this might sound selfish but I just wanted to share my first penta. It's not something super skilled or something, but it felt super good :D
  14. how do you stop tilting

    The trick is you don't. You are constantly on tilt and learn to play on it. You harness the power of tilt, like SSJ in dragonball and if your team starts feeding you go super tilt like SSJ2 and destroy the enemy team. Some says masters of the tilt are constantly on the highest levels and you know, can't tilt what's already tilted. But honestly, I don't think there's any way to stop it except time/waiting it out.