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  1. We miss your laugh :(

  2. 2K hell

    it's not easy to grind mmr. When I used to play ranked, in my bracket, there is always people that fight for mid or think they know what the team should do. Also, I've had people that give up after a few deaths or by a mistake of a teammate... instead of trying to be positive. If you are wondering how did I get to this MMR, I just played support or offlane most of the time, but I don't think that applies to MMRs that people just want to play 4 cores or 5 cores and have no idea how to take objectives. That's why I stopped playing ranked and solo. Just take a break from solo dota and play with DI or friends. Try to have fun, learn and try new heroes.
  3. But no TB LUL As for the chest, I don't like any of the sets.
  4. Why are you away? Come back </3

    1. Taka


      not playing dota anymore though :/ I had enough of ruining games.

    2. Nobody322


      It's ok Taka, You can feed in my games anytime <3

  5. Hmm... Hopefully never. But knowing icefrog he will tweak some numbers and make him more viable. Prob a little less gold per mine, maybe more dmg, maybe skill tree changes. Who knows.
  6. "What blood ties, magic tears asunder."
  7. Killer's Art!

    Yes. This one.
  8. Killer's Art!

    I like the one that looks like Dazzle.
  9. Everyone gets shiny... Meanwhile I don't even find one. FeelsBadMan
  10. Pls... I casually lose MMR. (When I feel like getting salty)
  11. if you played 40 or 50 TI ranked games, you can swap it with your normal ranked. As for the MMR rate, maybe it uses your hidden MMR from unraked games.