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  1. this guy content is awesome, you all should check it out!
  2. Killer's Art!

    so tell me, what the thing with dragons?
  3. Hi.

    I'll make this my official WELCOME message :) So welcome to DI! Since you set LoL as your secondary I would say that you should check out the LoL channel on teamspeak as well! Any thing you need help with, feel free to PM me or poke me on TS! Have fun
  4. Zaod's Intro

    Welcome to DI! Sorry to hear about all your problems, but since you didn't come hear to talk about that, but to play, I hope you have lots of fun and catch some shinnies :)
  5. I feel the same way, also it's a great way to level up :)
  6. Source: http://puptum.tumblr.com/post/164077560125/httpstwittercompuptum
  7. He covers Blizzard news, not only Overwatch: https://www.youtube.com/user/Rhykker Have fun!
  8. The thing I like about Rhykker is that is transparent with the information and only upload when there's something interesting. You should check it out.
  9. I made this ultimately so people can use the results to host better and more enjoyable events :) Since Lucio Ball isn't here permanently I left event game modes out.
  10. Yeah I forgot to mention the subreddit as well :)
  11. Hey everyone in DI

    Hey :) Welcome to DI! I see what you're saying about The Forest, it's a weird and buggy game, however they have one of the most dedicated dev teams, not the best, but a dedicated one... Anyway just wanted to point that out :p With this introductions I'm guessing you'll be a excellent forum contributor!
  12. ARG Opinion

    ohh, it was such a hype train and then a train wreck... If you want to check it our I recommend Rhykker videos on this.
  13. ARG Opinion

    How do you miss that ?
  14. DI-III Awards Information Post

    Alright :) Thanks You should add a link to the POTW post, just people have easier access to it from here
  15. DI-III Awards Information Post

    This is the post I wanted to see! Thank you a lot! Going to throw my placement games so I can climb all the way up there again About the recruiting thing, is the "in a month" like "in the last month" or "in the last 31/30 days" ?