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  1. Whats a Good & Affordable Graphics Card

    Affordability is a relative term. If you ask me whats affordable, I would answer a packet of ramen noodles. If you ask Bill Gates, he will say a Porsche. Just give a budget. Also please tell us how much RAM and what CPU you have, along with your current GPU. Not to mention you will likely need a new PSU if you do buy one and you are running a prebuilt pile of trash.
  2. Dualies are my favorite pistol in the game, just aim for the legs and you hit head every time with the spray.
  3. Stay on a mount, and just slap the living shit out of them from ontop. Mounts tend to shrug off torpor because it is so damn high for them.
  4. Master Guardian, used to be LEM before the rebalancing of ranks.
  5. If you can, get a Cooler Master MasterKeys series keyboard. They are fairly top notch when it comes to quality (without getting into the mech enthusiast category), and certain models do come with RGB LEDs. For the mouse I'd suggest a Logitech G600 if you are trying to find a Naga-ish mouse, as Razer has been going downwards and downwards all the time in quality. The Asus ROG Strix headset is pretty bad as well, get some Cloud IIs instead.
  6. Wrong place, go to the Division chat. Besides, you are Casual A?
  7. @Aero Mei is Bae Hmm, favorite character by design... Probably Hanzo/Genji or Zenyatta.
  8. New PC

    @Megafunny Stock cooling is more than enough for the CPU, especially with Ryzen. Kaby lake is shit, wait for Coffee Lake or go Ryzen. Also don't shill for a company, I always cringe when I see that shit.
  9. New PC

    It may not, but we can guess by the fact that it is 2017 that the CPU will be a Kaby Lake i5, so a i5-7400, 7500, 7600, or 7600K.
  10. Favorite toppings on pizza

    Pineapple, Ham and Mozzarella cheese. My favorite pizza.
  11. New PC

    I would recommend @FunOnABun 's build, but the 3GB GTX 1060 is a pretty bad GPU. Might as well pay the extra 40£ to get more longevity out of your GPU and get a GTX 1060. https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/wWzMsJ
  12. laptop too hot

    @BassDrop Heat can kill components instantly. While it is true that higher average temps cause components to get a shorter lifespan, I've had a Athlon 64 die on me for too much heat.
  13. Best way to upgrade motherboard?

    @BassDrop Yes it does. Windows licenses are tied to motherboard, and besides, sometimes reinstalling is a better alternative to the driver fuckery that occurs afterwards.
  14. Cs go processor

    Mobos may not be expensive, the RAM and CPU are. I'd suggest either: Ryzen 5 1400 Intel i5 7500