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  1. Post that one song that really pumps you up.

    My pre-workout song
  2. Post your specs thread?

    I'm talking about your motherboard,ram,cpu and possibly psu. And you are bottlenecking
  3. Post your specs thread?

    Thats a lot of bottleneck.
  4. How you like me now?

  5. Wisedom Teeth Extractions

    In norway u will get a numbing agent to have in your mouth then u get a few needles which hurts like hell because u an feel them scraping against your jawbone, 15min later u good to leave. But what u really do is self medication on some sticky icky
  6. Pro tip: The more useless posts you make the more you annoy people.
  7. New PC

    Get a 1050 ti,1060 3 or 6gb version Asus motherboard ddr4 ram atleast 16g at decent speed like 2440ghz kaby lake proccesor thats compatiable with your motheboard (same lga and generation) Decent psu New cpu cooler(I'll link u a 20dollar one which is one of the highest rated ones) Maybe new fans for more cooling and less noise(noctua) quite expensive tho. Case that can fit your stuff.
  8. New PC

    Saying its an i5 does not give any information about the generation like an i7-7700k
  9. Building a pc

    When you are speaking to someone that has NEVER buildt a pc before it is HARD. And yes it is cheaper. Listen to alumii
  10. GTX 750 Ti

    Diffrent rules from the US then in Norway but yeah. a 1060 3 or 6gb version is good and will last for years
  11. GTX 750 Ti

    dosnt mean ur eyes can see more then that