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  1. PUBG Venture Chat

    Cmon guys, we still need people for the tournament that is tomorrow! Please RSVP (in the calender)!
  2. PUBG Venture Chat

    That's perfectly fine!
  3. Since RSVP'ing is mandatory I will explain how this is done for all new initiates. [Note: screenshots may look diffirent based on the website theme, wich is customizable on the buttom of you hover Theme V] 1. Mouse over the "CLUBS" section of the top menu and a submenu will show. 2. Click on our Division, currently that is "DI-CI". You will be taken to our club page On this club page there is an button "Events" on the top (secondary) menu, click it. 3. Look for the events scheduled [DI-C] PUBG ... (Socials or Comp practice), click on the event To the left of the event details you will find the RSVP options as follows: Click your preference, and be sure it's correct. If you click "Maybe" you can always change it later to "Going" or "Declined". Be sure to come when you click "Going", don't click "Going" if you are not sure if you can make it, there is a "Maybe" or "Decline" button for that. Thanks guys, be sure to keep an eye out on the calendar!
  4. PUBG Venture Chat

  5. PUBG Venture Chat

    @sn0w has joined us! Welcome!
  6. So I was looking at PUBG Reviews

    Yeah they put micro transactions in it, but it's only cosmetic so no skill gain. It supports the dev's and the gamescon tournament. Almost the whole PUBG venture plays on EU servers, so yeah!
  7. Moshay New PC

    Parts are impressive, will you share any pictures with us?
  8. Question about Linux

    Did you install the correct Linux drivers for your AMD/Nvidia/Intel GPU?
  9. All in one warehouse

    Why is it called P1911 tho? It's a Colt M1911 or shorthand "1911".
  10. PUBG Venture Chat

    I have a hard time deciding, since I dislike looting in first person (opening doors etc). Might be the FOV or something, but I like the combat experience more.
  11. PUBG Venture Chat

    I have updated the RSVP guide here:
  12. PUBG Venture Chat

    50 posts requirement is gonna be easy nao...
  13. Dutch equals Danish flag

    it's shows a dutch flag for me now, does it still show the danish flag for you?
  14. Dutch equals Danish flag

    Fixed now.
  15. I don't think this is the Dutch flag, lol.