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  1. i think the blueprints are tired to new tier workbenches system that coming into play very soon
  2. and that will be u dead on ur keyboard :P
  3. works for all geforce cards
  4. turn eye saver mode off and it works
  5. try not to hit APPLY know :) just leave it up then when it day time u can press cancel
  6. brightness 40-47 contrast 100 2.0-2.18 gamma 265 hue 75 Digital Vibe thats what i and other use it like wearing a pair of NV gog's but remember this trick doesn't really work in pure darkness there has to have some light
  7. farming it is not an issue :P qurray does the work for u if u get a nice high out put of stone spot :) all u got to do is farm fuel
  8. yup u got it in one this base can be builded by any team as well as long as u have a quarry down to help production of stone first thing we usely do in Team B is a quarry after our starter base
  9. https://imgur.com/6AKLynl here an image on what is what
  10. at its current state 128k stone per lvl but in the end the outter 2 honey comb can be removed :) to lower cost and be put in place when needed this is a quarry must :) build each lvl u can design as u wish the innercore that is u can even add roofstacking to all of it with ease u can even add 4 towers on it if u want on the outter rim
  11. after reviewing it i wouldnt of had the 3 door ways next to each other i would of made it zig zag doors ways to the middle but in all its not bad
  12. so i got bored and deicded to make a hard core base design for ppl to learn its repeatable on most level and roof stacking can be put in from the start of the 2nd floors including middle let me know how u think about it its just the starter point of it and it is modular https://imgur.com/A8V5srv https://imgur.com/M6CUlQX base code: https://pastebin.com/idWVLMLh
  13. lol why dont u copy it and paste it on pastebin https://pastebin.com/ like so https://pastebin.com/stDCig1U
  14. this would be great for new players to take this up with bestplayerNA he knows what he doing on all those he mention