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  1. Team C Thread

    Thanks Evani, Team C, you've got your marching orders. Let's try to make our team the best the division has to offer! Show up, play soundly and we can have some great wipes ahead.
  2. Real good cartoon humour

    I want 3.4 minutes of my life back.
  3. Wow that is lucky!!! Damn that's a nice skin. Had to google it since i don't usually play Rocket League too often.
  4. Oh me too I love smashing them in their heads!
  5. Hello Everybody!

    Hey everyone! I'm a Rust player on Team D. Thanks for having me on board. Can't wait to show off my skins and sexy sexy head shots in PvP.
  6. I have a tough time using this tool as it's confusing and not intuitive on how to use :(
  7. Starter base or just a base design for a main? I'm confused :( 32k stone for a starter seems like a big mofo starter.
  8. I've done this before it's not perfect and it doesn't really render you a ton of loot either. It's just a cheap way to take over someone's base if you don't have one. But generally what i've found is it takes longer to do that than to farm what's needed to get a base up.
  9. Buy rust, get the game. it's a lot of fun. it's given me most of my hours in gaming for the last 2 years. it's well worth the price. Get it when it's on sale for only $10
  10. I really Enjoy Phara because she can fly, deals massive damage and I've nice skins for her. Beyond her I play a lot of Lucio because Oh, let's break it down!
  11. Lucio riding like the speed of lighting on them walls. Slow his ass down!
  12. Lots of people join those and not even realize they do or they don't care. Too many could give a shit less about their rank.
  13. I really enjoy the AK and I love the AWP. If anything else I usually pick up the P90
  14. What no wild Compy's? OH come on those little buggers are cute as a devil!