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  1. Guess next person to post?

    Yeah @13thShade come on!
  2. Hi my name is Nevbox

    welcome nevbox!
  3. Guess next person to post?

    nope! @QualityQontent
  4. Hobbies everyone into?

    Airsoft! Me too!
  5. You shouldnt be wrecked by cars, but since i am a roleplayer ir would be cool to go on roadtrips and faraway component runs, also, cars should have keys
  6. Vegas' Introduction.

    Glad to meet! Will probably see you ingame soon enough
  7. Guess next person to post?

    This religion is getting in the way of the guessing part of this game , im guessing @Tomy
  8. Wohooooo thanks! Ill be sure to play a lot with the sharks, but damn, thanks!
  9. yeah, so, i downloaded overwatch bcs of the free weekend thing they have, so far i played up to lvl 6 and i love it, even tho paladins is pretty similar and it is free, i am thinking about buying the game but since im poor as all hell i hope to win the raffle :P , otherwise so far playing with the DI team is fuckign great, if i do buy the game i will probs spend a lot more time down there in DI-XIV, great game great people great times :P, if i have to say about anything ingame i would say i loved to play the purple smg women (forgot the name, sombra?) that can use beacon, so fun to just rush in shoot peeps and then teleport back to just do it again, my new favourite champion slovenia best cuntry ever! poor slovakians! but you do have great bread thing forgot how its called
  10. Guess next person to post?

    too easy, im quite active on the forums i guess