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  1. [Sunday CIV] 8/20/17 Host: @knolz Map Details: shuffle, legendary start, Tiny Players: Team A(@knolz, @xXThatGuyXx), Team B( @Annihilatrix, @TheDragonReborn) Rules: Teams, base game, all DLC Winner: Team A( @knolz, @xXThatGuyXx) Game Time: 2h
  2. PUBG Group

    Do you think there is enough to make a proper pubg group? would it interfere to much with other groups? HMU ^W^
  3. Lethality is ok

    just remember, #adc2017=#duskblade2017=#tankmeta league if fun fun game mode
  4. I tried to get my friends to get it but the game needs to be cheaper for them to get it

    I can almost say, just learn to play your corners the best you can, especially in FPP, room clearing needs to be done solo anyways unless you both are well coordinated. And even if you are well coordinated one or both of you are almost garneted to go down in pub

    Happy birthday CHK ^W^
  7. DI vs The World

  8. Have the capitals changed?

    well you always know which city is their capital... there is a little icon that indicates which is their cap
  9. New to DOTA

    I clicked on the dota chat by accident one day and somebody said they would help me learn how to play dota. (I come with knowledge of league)... the last time I played dota was like 3 years ago and I never got the hang of it/never gave the game a chance... so yeah... if anybody is willing to teach me how to play the game sometime that would be cool :)
  10. In game sensitivity/dpi

    I haven't touched that in so long, it would take me too long to adjust back down to a lower sensitivity... it is kind of at a middle ground for me right now.... my in game is quite high but my dpi is low, kind of a balance for me... I've had a hard time once I went form a laptop to a desktop (17" to 23")
  11. Maybe this is just my opinion but it depends on who you play as a support, if you play somebody with hard cc it is much more fun than playing lets say.. soraka or janna... they are good and getting your cc off is satisfying but you aren't the one ever forcing the engage (of if you do you are probably out of position)... now blitz/ali/bard is fun and you can rotate mid to gank that lane because you offer hard cc...
  12. That is an awesome guide... very useful... if you play anobody somewhat decent early don't be afraid at all to go counterjungle or find them in their jungle if they have low clears.. the situation above^ way up there for a lee v sej I would recommend (if every lane is pushed) to go and kill sej because she has unhealthy early clears and that would either be fb or blow her sums... the red plant thing should be up around then too, another way to escape if needed... all in all I would say that is a great informative guide
  13. Have the capitals changed?

    It could be possible in that situation that she already lost her capital elsewhere and you took the other capital... the ai doesn't change city names... if it was pvp they might have
  14. Possible Map

    This looks like people would fight over one section of land (with the river) I would think that navy would not be important at all and it would be just another land military only game