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  1. New pc build . What i should buy?

    Price of RAM is going up, 16GB of DDR4-3000 is like $150, was like 125 when I got my Corsair Vengeance LPX. Same as SSDs, you should grab both of those while you can and/or really jump at sales and combos that include said RAM. That will save you money easily. I recommend a 1050 Ti for medium/high settings @ 60fps, and a 1060 6G and more recent will get you the really good frames, but for 4k, your best bet is a 1080 or 1080 Ti, and in some cases the 1070, I recommend MSI or EVGA, or Founder's Edition cards.
  2. GTX 750 Ti

    I heard the GTX 760 Ti was pretty good.
  3. Oh Hello There!

    Pfft just bought it today! NOT the same as LucioBall, but will probably adjust controls... I'll be sure to let you know Thank you! I met a couple people last night in TS but you didn't happen to be there.
  4. Lootbox Changes

    Holy crap! That's crazy dude..
  5. New pc build . What i should buy?

    I have way too much time and know way too much about computers. Least I can do!
  6. GTX 750 Ti

    I would try a GTX 960 4G or 980 Ti 6G, those cards are beasts, so I hear. If you look in the right places (r/hardwareswap on Reddit, craigslist as well) then you can probably get either for around $200-300 USD. a 750 Ti will get the job done, but if you're going with a 2GB graphics card for $100-200, I would look for a GTX 1050 or 1050 Ti. They have DX12 support and have better chipsets.
  7. Any of you gamers using Linux?

    I tried to use Linux for bootlegging stuff, but I got frustrated at Elementary OS because it just is too code-based for me lol. Ended up bootlegging Win 10 installer and used that until 9-year old laptop crapped itself and display stopped working. Luckily recovered HDD.
  8. New pc build . What i should buy?

    This is very accurate. For the SSD I recommend 120 or 240g, and HDD do 2TB, 1TB if you don't record or anything. Get a Corsair H100iv2, as that is the best AIO liquid cooler on the market (arguably). Leaving the extra $100, you could go for a GeForce GTX 1070. Here's a good build with your budget: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/fDyLQV In Euro, costs about 1015, that's the base total. Tax is 6.25% because of where I live so I edited that in. I did the USD to EU conversion.
  9. I'm Making Hero Guides!

    Hey guys, so in my last DI-III post about carrying as Roadhog, I mentioned that I was potentially going to make hero guides. Well, after a couple days of thought, I decided to do just that. I won't be doing EVERY hero, since I'm not close to good with, say, Widowmaker as I am with Orisa or Genji. So I'll be making a post when I get my first few done, and probably updating them as well as posting to Reddit. Hope everyone can benefit from my mediocre recording skills as well as mechanical skills!
  10. Oh Hello There!

    Hey DI-V! My name is VioletBubble. I was just a member of the Overwatch division, but since the re-release of LucioBall I felt a need to play the game that inspired this: Rocket League. So, I mowed my neighbor's lawn, earned $20 USD, and went out and bought the game today. I don't know anyone here, especially the officers and commander/vice, so if you guys see this, please reply so I can recognize you! Same goes for everyone else! Anyway, add me on Steam so we can play together! http://steamcommunity.com/id/thevioletbubble. Hope to see you all on the field! -Violet
  11. I write this kinda tilted but I'll try my best to keep it factual. So I just got out of a game where we were 1-2-3 (1 heals, two tank, 3 DPS because this is silver/gold) on Hollywood. Now first things first, they had two plats on the other team that both explicitly said in match chat they purposely dropped their accounts. Anyway, I decided, "since my team is being mad toxic rn, I might as well play hog and improve with him. Can't survive in gold being DPS!" So I play hog, and 3 golds (elims, obj. kills., and obj. time), a silver (dmg), and a bronze (heals) later, we lost. I had a 27 kill streak. 90 something percent hook accuracy. Now as many of you all know, I am not one to typically play tank. So me doing semi-okay as hog is a shock by itself, let alone what I would like to call a hard carry. The numbers were fair sized, but I definitely pulled about 2 of the DPS weight along with my own. Now I mainly (okay almost always) use quick play for my Genji and Soldier: 76 practice, but I dabble with Roadhog a bit. Since the nerf he really hasn't interested me that much but if you use the hook effectively yet aggressively at the same time, then I think that he is, if not more, useful than when click-delete was his nickname. Now you could say "Well Violet, you had a proper comp team, the heals were good enough, right?" Well, the one healer on my team was Lucio, and for the attack, the payload. So no, the heals were not as surplistic as I wished them to be. However, notice I mentioned the 27 kill streak. I played passive-aggressive, which means always be firing, but only use the hook when you know you can secure a kill either yourself or with a teammate(s). All in all, this post gave me an idea to do player guides, although I really have no idea who the hell wants to see a sub-2000 player give advice so they can climb. I know genji because I watch so much Seagull and Soldier because idfk my tracking is good? I'm gonna go back to browsing for games to get, any suggestions that aren't PUBG (I'm already planning on getting it)?
  12. So as you probably all know, @OverwatchTho, @DJWombat, and @Aralornx hosted a division meeting for DI-III. Here are the 2 main things that went on during said meeting. 1. New activity requirements. You can find the new requirements here. 2. Numbers are up. We have had 40+ in the division for a bit of time now, but we still need to keep recruiting. The challenge for recruitment is still active, so keep recruiting! I hope everyone keeps up the good work, and as Jackal said during MT, We are "going places".
  13. PSA: The Upcoming Months

    I'll be less active as well. I start football the 18th and School September 7.
  14. I like the concept, but seriously, they should've kept the competitive ban on for like a month. EVERY GAME THERES A TERRIBLE DOOMIST.
  15. Hey DI-III! I will be streaming from 8PM Eastern to 12 midnight Eastern, so anyone who wants to play comp with me is more than welcome. I've been putting a ton of effort into improving my stream, because I aspire to do a lot in the world of Twitch. That said, it would mean a lot if anyone just tuned in for a little while, or even just said hi in chat. I hope to see you all soon! Link: https://www.twitch.tv/thevioletbubble PS: just broke 2200 today!