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  1. That moment when @AFDragon visits your profile and you wonder if you're getting scouted xD

    1. AFDragon


      *stares disturbingly*

    2. 13thShade


      There was a time when I was an initiate that Jackal, Shand, and Dragon all visited my profile in a row and I thought I was in major trouble.

    3. Cerber42


      Lol when you get those youre just like holy shit HODOR

  2. Post your specs thread?

    It should be DDR4-3000. I’m not sure why it recognizes it as 1666.
  3. What does your Ctrl+V contain?

  4. hope you're doing alright my dude...

    1. Silicate


      Yeah, being in the ER is never a good thing

  5. That sounds awesome. we'll be in touch.
  6. Hey well if you wanted to do review of our VODs, then we could really use an analysis person to work with Punderdome.
  7. I'm typically on around 9 eastern (5 pacific) so you can also talk with me too. We should all be informed of everything as it happens.
  8. Well you should play a game with us in quick play, and if you can keep up, then we'll take you! But if you can't, then it's your choice. Please note that some players are going to play more than others.
  9. So far we are thinking 10-11 (or 11:30) PM, eastern time. You can certainly be on if you would like. Battletag and current SR? Hahaha I feel you. I'm around that too. You're on. Please PM me for further info.
  10. Awesome!! Don't worry about your Cohort, as we aren't even going to think about starting until October. We ( @Deadlysky and I) have a lot to do before then, including practices and stuff to plan. But your name is definitely on the roster. Your Battletag please?
  11. Oh sorry about that! We are both gold (I am currently like 2206), so anywhere from 2100 to 3000, for matchmaking purposes.
  12. Hey everyone. I know that people around here have called for a competitive team for a while now, from since Team A disbanded to this very day. Well, after some discussion, @Deadlyskyand I have decided to fire up a comp team. Now, since I am starting classes on a new schedule and also have football, streaming, and a social life to deal with, we won't be labeled as a team until at least October 1st. So, that gives us plenty of time to get our acts together (get to know one another, know each other's strategies, designate roles, etc.). As a reminder, here are the team requirements that are mandatory for every member, main roster or alternate: 1. Each team must hold 3 practices a week, lasting 1 hour or longer. 2. Each team must hold 1 clan v. clan per month (we do a scrim against another clan, easy stuff) 3. Each team must have at least 5 active members of DI at all times. Now Deadly and I want a team that can do it all. Our goal is to have a standard 9-man spot on our team's roster. This includes 6 starters and 3 alternates. @Retributionyou mentioned that you wanted to form a team, well we would be honored to have you as our team leader. and @HitmanHart, it would be awesome for you to be our 2IC. Our current roster is as follows: @Deadlysky- flex @VioletBubble- DPS We need 7 more people, 5 more if our commands are in. Please, reply to this post or PM either Deadly or I with any interest or questions!
  13. Steam games

    Portal. Nuff said/