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  1. Happy Birthday Jedwayne!!!!

    Happy B-Day!
  2. Let's gather some info about our division

    Done! Glad to see people want to know about us.
  3. Lootbox Changes

    I'm pretty sure lootboxes already have confirmed skins inside of them before you even open them.
  4. New Crosshairs

    Yeah, they're all pretty weird. I just use a dot. Zylbrad and some others in his friend group have been using some crazy ass crosshairs.
  5. Lootbox Changes

    I don't think this update is the best cause after a while of opening then all you're gonna get is dupes. Then lootboxes are worth nothing.
  6. The Ultimate Pyramid

    This can be really helpful! Thanks!
  7. Overwatch Dance Emotes Reenacted by Dad

    Hahahahahahaha omg
  8. Overwatch Getting a Free-For-All Deathmatch Mode

    To me it really doesn't seem like much fun
  9. New

    Glad to see you here!
  10. SR LEADERBOARD--- UPDATED August 8/15/17

    I don't think it last long, I thought I heard it was gonna be around two weeks or so. Maybe if we can get the srs fast enough we could do a competition with a prize at the end?
  11. PSA: The Upcoming Months

    Are you in a homeschoolers breakfast club? lmao
  12. SR LEADERBOARD--- UPDATED August 8/15/17

    thanks man, will love too see me in the ranks even though my sr is horrible. Maybe we should do a lucioball copa sr leaderboard?
  13. DI-III July Awards

    Great job to all, even if you didn't get an award!
  14. SR LEADERBOARD--- UPDATED August 8/15/17

    Oops mine isn't up there. It's SooperCooper#11913