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  1. new game

    downloading lawbreakers the overwatch of steam with zero gravity
  2. my fellow junkies we shall charge into the enemy with our new buff and slaughter the enemy CHARGE!!
  3. just had a clutch game was 4-5 we had one down i was goalie and i scored using my ult to push past everyone and made it with 0.2 seconds to spare and we won in overtime sadly it was not captured on film so my heart was sad
  4. i never did many marathons but when i was in highschool which was 2 years ago i trained three times a day running at least 55 miles every week usually 11 a day for wrestling and i took 10th place at state for t he 132 weight class now i just try amateur fighting every once in a while
  5. a pyro is short for pyro maniac which means i like playing for fire and i loved re: zero right now im watching a few animes but none catch my eye too much this season sadly but im still waiting for the RWBY episode thats in october in TF2 my favorite character to play is sniper but my favorite character as a whole is scout of course right now i am also re watching nanbaka and drifters a couple of my newer favorites
  6. i wanna actually talk to some people about things we got in common so just hit me up on this topic and lets begin a discussion i like anime, of course games, mma, im a workout freak, and im a pyro
  7. immersion

    i am watching the immersion series by rooster teeth and while it was filled with idiotic fun and lots of laughs it did get me thinking scientifically id definitely recommend it get the brain goin about putting video games into real life situations with every day people i feel i could do a maybe a handfull of the things due to my athletic ability and weapons training i wanna hear about yalls personal one of videos that i had real interest in was the hitman immersion and the gaming distraction immersion and the rest yall can look on youtube
  8. about to hit diamond in two or three games if anyone wants to help me get there just hit me up
  9. had a badass group that fell in together and we destroyed then we all had to go during that game we were beggin that it would end soon
  10. just had a game that lasted 47 minutes in overwatched got gold elims with 92 gold damage with 34,724 dmg, 47 objective kills bronze and 3:40 objective time which ended in victory and ive had a good win steak lately so my sr is recovering wish me luck
  11. i just found out there is an actual church for overwatch and was founded by a guy in brazil called the church of hanzo
  12. i beg someone help me get my rank back to its former glory i have been playing with jokes and i went down from 2700s to below 2400 i beg yall
  13. favorite 5 animes

    1. drifters 2. fairy tail 3. sword art online 4. pychopass 5. RWBY what is your's?