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  1. GTX 750 Ti

    Get a GTX 1060 6GB. 750ti is really bad.
  2. Compatibility question

    That videocard is not old. It's ancient.
  3. Conquering an aidrop

    I think/hope I fixed it
  4. Conquering an aidrop

    No sound because shadowplay apparently didn't want me to have sound on.
  5. is it enough?

    I wouldn't recommend 800$ budget if you're gonna be streaming demanding games.
  6. All in one warehouse

    you can still get oneshot by a p1911 though
  7. Building a pc

    Remember your motherboard, unless you wanna buy an old motherboard, since you have a 4th gen cpu
  8. Building a pc

    If you have a mid tower case, then at least a 1070 should fit, which is around 500$, but make sure your power supply is at least 550W if you are getting a 1070, although I'd recommend a 1060 to be on the safe side if you can't figure which power supply you have.
  9. Best way to record gameplay?

    Definitely would recommend Nvidia Shadowplay. You can look up some videos, it's really simple to use and doesn't take much performance away.
  10. Building a pc

    Your pc is pretty good, all you need is a new graphics card, which is really simple to change. If you get a 1060, or something with similar power consumption, you shouldn't need to change psu, however if you buy a 1070 or something with similar power consumption, I'd recommend 550W or more. 1080 should probably be 600W to be on the safe side, although since your budget is 500$, you can only get a 1070, unless you find a used 1080 for 500$, and probably a new power supply.
  11. PUBG Survey results

    Reddit is fucking retarded, don't take anything opinion-related from reddit as reliable.
  12. PUBG WTF!? moments

    Nice grenade
  13. Strange Screenshots Thread