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  1. Official PvP Scrap Book

    @gorbachef Gorb and us just hanging around at base
  2. Casual Team B

    @Interferal We will still used the Redwoods base, it's not going to be torn down. For the time being, operations will shift to HQ and we'll all work from there.
  3. Casual Team B

    @ToxicEnigma@gorbachef@Yunacorn @togetorr @xbreejayx@tahantx @Magic@Interferal@Skavara@PhillyB403@MadGignerbread@DTPLOL@BastardLunatic Update Do not use the redwoods for harvesting of any materials. Lately we've had too many issues with Thylacoleo ambushes, random tribes showing up on Pteras, lost dinos and dinos being killed in the redwoods so with the new HQ being up to speed...there's no reason to be harvesting in the redwoods. Our metal harvesting will be done on Volcano and Obsidian mountain only. Wood will be harvested in the treeline West of the HQ Stone will be harvested in the small valley West of the HQ The only thing we will need from the Redwoods will be certain tames and that will be a group/team event, do not take it upon yourself to travel solo into the Redwoods. To end on a positive note, everyone's doing great, we've had little to no problems lately and all issues have been squashed in the tribe. Keep up the great work.
  4. Brood Mother

    Overruled, I'll allow it.
  5. Casual Team B

    Crew Roster Team Leader: @Vaulk 2nd In Charge: @Yunacorn @DTPLOL @PhillyB403 @dominikgold @BastardLunatic @Trackson @RJKJS @Vallidus @Skavara Casual Team B Rules 1. No talking in Global - This is just to reinforce the standing Tribe rule for Official PvP. Speaking in Local chat when necessary is acceptable, keep it brief..."Hi, how are you, that's nice, gotta run". Do not answer ANY questions about our tribe, what we do, where we're from, how many we have, what our intentions are. Don't even acknowledge the question. Any need to speak in Global chat will be conducted by a Team Leader or 2IC. 2. Do not scope out, spyglass or otherwise search for other bases on the map. Any need to discover potential enemy locations or activity will be directed by one of the Team Leaders or 2IC. 3. No raiding without the direct approval of one of the Team Leaders. To clarify, raiding includes the forceful destruction (Direct or indirect) of any sealed structure. If it has a door and it's shut...it's not to be broken into regardless of what it's made from. We'll adjust this rule as necessary but for the time being...don't do it unless you have approval from Leadership. 4. Do not kill anyone's tames. Unless it's attacking our base then there should be no need to kill a tame owned by another player. Lost, abandoned or otherwise lonely Tames are not to be attacked or killed. Any accidental kill on another players' tame should be reported immediately to the available online Leader. 5. We do not do alliances. Do not discuss the idea, potential, possibility or otherwise dream of an alliance with another Tribe in Ark. In the future this will undoubtedly change but for the time being we are not open to alliances. 6. Do no accept gifts of any sort from other tribes. You'd think that I wouldn't need to clarify this but this includes ANYTHING that can be given from one player to another. The answer is "Thanks but no thanks". 7. There are no personally owned Tames in our Tribe. There is no personal gear, weapons or equipment. Everything is owned by the tribe as a whole. ~Updated as necessary~ Vaulk's Rules Don't be a shithead, common human decency goes a long way and you are all to treat each other accordingly. We're all adults here, let's not talk like we're 12yrs old in the boys locker room. Salt shouldn't come in victory flavor...be respectful when you crush your enemy...but be ruthless about it. No shit-talking. If you talk alot but you don't really say anything...you should probably start keeping your mouth shut, there's much to learn by being silent. Know your role. If you're not f*%#$%! the cat then be the best damn tail-holder there is. If the middle of someone's statement is interrupting the beginning of yours...then you're an inconsiderate asshole and I'll let you know it. In Ark there are no referees, no judges and no voting panel...therefor there is no such thing as a fair fight...and I don't intend to fight fairly. Priority Listing: Finish HQ defense. Complete the Kibble Farm Begin Raid Logistics Establish a Taming/Breeding Server Begin Raiding Please refer any questions to @GFY or you can contact @MFIC
  6. Activity Changes(Read&Reply Required)

    Got it boss lady
  7. What Do You Think Our Tribe Name Should Be?

    S.K.T. - Small Kill Team GRIT Brethren Praetorian I'm partial to 1-7
  8. Opinions on Wc statement?

    I happen to like them too, doesn't negate the fact that they flopped hard at launch and failed, losing almost their entire playerbase as a result.
  9. Opinions on Wc statement?

    I think that after 2 years of consistent screw ups (Content always delayed, patches that make things worse, game's still not optimized, release dates never met) that we have every reason and all the evidence needed to believe that none of it's going to happen as they say it will. I think any reasonable and prudent person would doubt VERY seriously if ANYONE from WC made promises of ANYTHING at this point. I like Ark, it's still a pretty cool early access game...but their announcement of the Launch in August isn't an indication of any sudden reliability or dependability from the Developers. Let's take a look at some games that had developer teams that resemble WC. 1. Tony Hawk Ride - Failed at launch, worst selling Tony Hawk series game ever. 2. Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2 - Sold so badly that the Force Unleashed 3 was cancelled. 3. Ryse Son of Rome - Underwhelming, awkward controls and less than average graphics. Was supposed to frame the next gen console capabilities...failed. 4. Homefront - Was supposed to be the COD Killer, hyped to be the next best thing in FPS...was a failure only under Homefront 2. 5. Final Fantasy XIV - Concept was so huge, just didn't deliver. Was buggy and unfinished. 6. Haze - Was supposed to be the HALO killer, instead it ended up being a Scifi shooter, undersold it's own expectations and the servers were shut down forever. 7. Aliens Colonial Marines - Hyped to be AMAZING - stuck in development limbo forever and when released it wasn't the same game that was shown at the previous E3. Lawsuits ensued. Cited as one of the worst games ever released. 8. Duke Nukem Forever - One of the longest developed games ever. 15 years of development netted superbugs, endless loading screens and an overall horrible experience. 9. No Man's Sky - Ended up being a string of lies, the most hyped game in recent years...didn't even come close to what was promised. 10. Tom Clancy's The Division - Without a doubt (IMHO) the most anticipated game from the past decade, so hyped, so incredibly and anxiously awaited by gamers from around the world....lost 93% of it's playerbase in the first 2 months. Bugs, glitches, massive imbalances and the kryptonite of online games....Hackers. The game was designed with a client trusted network model (Something that PC games haven't had since Unreal Tournament) and this was the digital welcome mat for Hackers galore. My point here being...just because a game is going into launch...doesn't mean anything. In my opinion, no one should be making any serious plans to do much of anything except wait and see at this point. I have no doubt that something large and critical will change between now and the Launch date and we'll all be wondering how many people are crying at their keyboard at the moment because of it.
  10. Luckily, whoever this was didn't have the half a brain it would take to get our server info...which is generally the mentality of people who are desperate enough to try that in the first place.
  11. ATTENTION Anyone entering the TS that you do not recognize as being part of the Official PvP team is not to be given our server number or base location under ANY circumstances. If anyone does enter the TS and asks or otherwise eludes to wanting to know what server we play on or where we are located, you are to discreetly report it to @Aralornx@ToxicEnigmaor @Vaulkimmediately. Do not attempt to confront anyone in TS or argue with anyone attempting to obtain the information. Remain polite but firm on the posted rules for server information. @PhillyB403 @BastardLunatic@Phoenix@RJKJS@DTPLOL@gorbachef@burningsoul@ProAlex@lumski@Magic@tahantx@Trackson
  12. The Dimo Turret

    Yea, the issue ATM is the location of the behemoth gates allows them to get too far from the base, after we extend the gated area, the dimo turret will work much better. But yes they feed themselves, you can expect 200-300 raw meat, 400 hide and a bunch of trash each day from each dimo on the turret.
  13. RAIDED!!!

    Indeed we are rebuilding. The tasking for today (Being 2x taming period) will be to create a consistent metal run shift, tame a few defender/meat gathering dinos, tame a beast of burden (Paracer), begin external automated base defenses.
  14. RAIDED!!!

    We're ok, we are re-established in the previously discussed location in the redwoods. We're limited for the time being on space and dinos but we're at 3x3x2 metal base with the basic amenities. We have 2x doeds, 1x anky, 2x trikes, the Daeodon and the frog. Metal is RIGHT up the hill, water is right down the hill, we're surrounded by 7 large redwood trees for platform defenses and we have the highground. We're going to largely be dependent on no one knowing where we are until we can establish some proper defense so for the moment keep yourself glued to the base area.