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  1. Favorite Meme?

    Pepe the frog will always be my favorite meme, whether he's sad, happy, or angry, he's always beautiful ♥
  2. Osu is still "kinda" playable without a graphics card! Feeling pretty good ^_^ 

  3. Diva's Mecha tip

    Yeah, of course if the fight is still going and you think you have a chance to get back into your mech shoot that pistol all day long. However if a fight is lost, or if the enemy team is trying to stagger your spawn by not killing you out of mech then you should die as quick as you can to avoid giving the enemy team ult charge and so you can spawn along with your teammates
  4. Diva's Mecha tip

    A better thing to do so you don't lose ult charge is to jump off the map as Baby Dva, you'll get your mech back ready for the next fight
  5. ARG Opinion

    The ARG was a terrible idea imo, Sombra was hyped up way too much way too early so of course people got tired of waiting. Also there was leaks and there has been leaks with a couple of the new heroes which ruins things a bit. I think the best way to announce a new hero is to randomly release a cinematic, I love the cinematic trailers and the one for Sombra at blizzcon last year was perfect, if they did that for every new hero that would be awesome.
  6. Will be pretty interesting to see the results! Btw there's a few spelling mistakes in the maps, Dorado, Lijang Tower and Eichenwalde to be exact
  7. Looks like my graphics card has bit the bullet so i've disabled it and I am unable to play games but I can still do everything else :D

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. RoadkillHD
    3. Dom


      Yeah lemme drop my money on a processor that is more expensive than my entire setup 

    4. Megafunny


      @DomYou also need a new motherboard and ram. get atleast 16gb 2440ghz ram. find a motherboard that is compatiable with the GPU and your GPU cooler

  8. Casual B Thread

    All I did was copy your layout and added a few things in ;)
  9. My PC is having some serious problems so looks like I'm having an early night, hopefully I get everything fixed tomorrow :) see you all soon!

    1. OverwatchTho


      Take an STA if you gotta man. We will see you soon :)

  10. Lootbox Changes

    Well we'll all find out in a week or two's time going to record me opening them all with some chill music then upload to YouTube and then share the link with everyone :D
  11. Lootbox Changes

    Well since I don't open my loot boxes this change doesn't affect me at all :) https://gyazo.com/2f2a904a9e8b27bdc7421b2035106397 There's a little screenshot to make you guys jealous ;) I'll probably open them all at the end of Summer Games, I might record it to if anyone wants to see me open over 100 loot boxes xD
  12. New Crosshairs

    You can make some pretty funny looking cross-hairs now, I saw Wraxu playing with a Rectangular like crosshair without a dot in the middle which looked pretty hilarious but he was destroying people with it! Here's a short clip of him playing with it I found... https://gyazo.com/96dbe4c435a2439d966ba988faa3a25a After watching that it makes me want to experiment with them a little more to see how weird and wacky I can make my crosshair look and just add more fun to the game! :D
  13. THEORY: You Can STILL Carry as Roadhog

    First of all, Roadhog is a DPS, he is in the Tank category but he is a DPS, he provides no shielding or protection for the team unlike the other tanks and his sole purpose is to do damage and eliminate enemy players. I get upset when people complain about Roadhog being useless, he isn't useless, I still 1 shot 80% of the people I hook but in my opinion you can only reliably kill people with his hook and ultimate, but I still think it's reasonable to get the chance to kill someone once every 10 seconds or less with him. Before and after the nerf I still really enjoy playing him as one of the funnest characters in the game. Now i'll just turn your theory into fact, you can carry any game as any hero. Sometimes you can carry any game as any hero, sometimes you cannot. Basically you win some you lose some but every hero is capable of destroying the enemy team or keeping your entire team alive. If you want to post some of your comp games as YouTube videos in the Overwatch Strategy Discussion i'll happily critique them for you.
  14. Need book recommendations

    Well if you haven't read his books already pick up a few by Chris Ryan, they're all fantastic military themed books I have a whole shelf in my room dedicated to him xD My favorites by him are: Greed Ultimate Weapon Hit list Hard Target
  15. That's a pretty looking Star of Discipline you have there :3