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    I am always learning. I taught myself to build pc's, use adobe photoshop and I am always diving into new tech related things if for no other reason then to learn something new. I love playing video games (obviously), spending time with my boys.
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  1. Building a pc

    Thats kinda crappy then. Prices here in the US are much cheaper.
  2. Zaod's Intro

    Welcome to DI! If you ever need anything or have any questions feel free to ask.
  3. Building a pc

    Not sure what kind of power supplies you are looking at but gold rated typically are around 60-80 bucks. My gold rated 550 EVGA power supply was purchased for around 50ish bucks. Also, servers are =/= to a gaming pc. They are serving to entirely different function. Heat from GPU's and other items are not typically introduced. I will agree that the amount of wattage needed for components have gone down generally but it doesn't mean you should go out and the cheapest crap on the market. I am not saying all Bronze PSU's are bad but what I am saying is that you want to account for what your plans are and do the appropriate research to ensure you are getting what is going to fit your need.
  4. Building a pc

    It is the efficiency curve and the energy wasted and drawn from the wall. You would of course need to take the entire build into account. Typically a platinum power supply isn't worth the cash. Gold should typically be the go to but this is said with the understanding that appropriate research has been done prior to purchase. For instance, a 600-watt power supply with 60% efficiency running at full load would draw 1000 W from the mains and would therefore waste 400 W as heat. On the other hand, a 600-watt power supply with 80% efficiency running at full load would draw 750 W from the mains and would therefore waste only 150 W as heat. In short, the ratings simply tell you what efficiency that psu will have in producing power. The goal is to have as little waste as possible while keeping the cost within a reasonable limit. Eventually you will run into a diminishing return which is why you are usually better off with gold rated power supplies because they are the sweet spot to ensure that if your PC is running 24/7 you are getting minimal wattage going to waste. Either way you do not want to go cheap on the PSU especially if you plan to add additional video cards or overclock in some form or fashion.
  5. Building a pc

    Also why the hell do people insist on cheaping out on the PSU. Seriously you should never go with anything less than an gold rated one. Unless you are doing content creation or streaming you wont get much use out of a 6 core cpu either. Why is there a cd drive listed? Do people even use them anymore?
  6. Dark and Light Server

    Gathering is the same I just increased the health of items we gather from like trees and rocks, amounts you gather should be the same. I can increase to a higher amount of necessary or increase specific items. I am working on fixing magic shards currently.
  7. Dark and Light Server

    Please check the original post for new server IP and port.
  8. 265.0 patch notes

    or a person on a pvp server? can you do that? death by stakes lol
  9. Guess who's back!

    Welcome Back, I am in the process of my first move before my new house is completed.
  10. Dark and Light Server

    Currently migrating the server to Dallas for a better ping. Server should be up shortly. If you notice any issues once live please report them here and i will get them resolved.
  11. 265.0 patch notes

    I shall have a boa farm.
  12. Pie is better than cake.

    Ice Cream cake is in its own category.
  13. Pie is better than cake.

    Pie makes me poetic.
  14. Pie is better than cake.

    I cannot lie, pie is better then cake, if I could I would eat it around a lake, pie is better than cake..
  15. Hello

    Welcome to DI!!!