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  1. I feel... betrayed.


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Sol


      High heresy!

      i haven't watched it either :^)

    3. OverwatchTho
    4. TheGamer777


      Im disappointed in Overwatch, had a perfect chance to say Gotta Coach'em all, but NOOOOOOOOOOO

  2. Approved! Good guide, and while I haven't played Pokken I appreciate that you gave a way to learn how to do it well.
  3. Hah! The only reason it's not at the bottom is because Gen 6 is the only game whose postgame I'm really familiar with. Otherwise it would be bottom of the pit, and as it is it's "throw it in the garbage" tier. That game had no cohesive storyline.
  4. >gen 2 being higher than everything else Wondering whether you actually like gen 2 or whether it's just "It's on the 3DS now, it's new and cool!" The reason Gen 5 is so high for me is because I like my games with story and a decent level curve given to the wild Pokémon. glares at HGSS
  5. Counting remakes with the way Sol gave: 4 > 5 = 7 > 3 = 1 > 6 > 2. I do not enjoy Johto at all.
  6. I want to hone my skills in Melee singles, so I ask the guy who owns the game if we can play that.

    He ignores me, and continues to play four-player Project M free-for-alls with the Smash Ball turned on.

    Please note that he, as well as the others who were playing, also want to improve in Melee singles.


    You ever feel like your friends don't care about your opinion?

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    2. Nitro


      Yeah, I main Marth. And it's one hell of a garbage Marth, too. I can beat scrubs and not many other people.

      The things I really need to get used to are:

      - Shorthops
      - L-cancelling
      - Implementing wavedashing and dashdancing
      - Improving my reaction time (to be able to tech and to DI correctly)

      So basically, I need to improve at neutral, if you include shorthop l-cancel F-airs in "neutral."

    3. Sol


      For the first two problems, it's a labbing issue. You aren't able to practice on your own, so you aren't able to consistently get shorthops/l-cancelling down. If you get a controller + adapter + Dolphin + 20XX, you should be able to get them down with a couple hours of practice.

      Implementing wavedashing and dashdancing is a different problem. To start implementing those two into your play, you need to stop playing on autopilot. A lot of newer players (including myself) have that problem- we don't think clearly about what we need to do, and instead we just keep doing what's comfortable and what lets us win sometimes. Actively think during a match- "Am I in neutral? I should dashdance. Does my opponent keep approaching me with the same move? Wavedash back > tipper." That's how your gameplay starts to improve. Or that's what I've found anyway, haha.

    4. Nitro


      Yeah - picking up a setup for at home is one of my priorities once I get a job, along with finishing my Dragonlord Ojutai EDH deck. I just want to get good and my friend isn't helping.

      I actually gave him $30 for a controller last year, and then two days later he said something about his PayPal account not working with Amazon and gave me the money back.

  7. Hello Everybody

    Wes why do I even talk to you IRL, ya scrub
  8. Ehhh... I'm not a huge fan of many of them. If I had to pick one, I'd have to pick Servine.
  9. So...



    I don't know if commanding this division was the right choice.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Sol


      Sounds like a lot of work. Congratulations on your appointment.

    3. 13thShade


      The first day is the hardest. After that, it's easy.

      Just kidding, get ready for a wild ride, dawg.

    4. Aralornx


      Don't get overwhelmed, Ask questions when you have them,  and remember to take breaks when you need them :) 

  10. I personally use a physical bulk Lefties Staraptor with Roost, but I could also get behind a Banded or Orbed Staraptor.
  11. Now, I'm not generally the type to complain, but Marth's grab range is ridiculous. I always go to tournaments and say this, and people tell me, "No johns," but seriously, it's dumb. I mean, look at this. Sure, if I'm right up in Marth's face and I get grabbed, okay fine. I deserve it. And if I'm a little farther out and then I get grabbed, okay you know what, whatever. But if I'm halfway across the stage all the way over here, he shouldn't be able to grab me. And if I'm all the way over here on the other side of the stage, and he *still* grabs me, that's not johns. That's bullshit. But it doesn't even end there. Now let's say I went to another setup to get away from Marth, and I'm finally having some fun. But nope, he's not having any of that. There's no escape. Marth's here to ruin the day once again. There comes a point where it's not johns any more. This is too much. I just don't see how this got into the game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XaJyZ7lmHiM is the source.
  12. Approved! Given that I'm a Marth main in Melee, Charizard seems like he would complement that playstyle the best. Nice guide, Sol!
  13. I just got super pissy at one of my friends for saying that Hungrybox deserved to beat Plup because "he played out of his mind." But I'm not bitter.

    Talk to me about the set and I'll rant at you about it.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Mal


      Doesnt matter who deserved it, it matters who won. 

    3. Nitro


      EDIT: This reply probably qualifies for "lack of officer qualities displayed" so I've taken it down. TL;DR I popped the hell off about this guy and got really angry because of him contradicting himself, ignoring statistics and using an ad hominem attack.

      As replacement for this, have a picture of a cute kitty. I'll try to keep my temper down in future.


    4. Sol


      Oh, you're more arguing against your friend in that case. Yeah, that's kind of a jerky thing to do on his part. Who kicks someone from a server just for arguing with them, especially when they have a sound argument? Pretty ridiculous. Sorry you have to deal with that.

  14. Why is TeamSpeak crashing every time I boot it up? :(

    1. BallisticPlanet


      Try reinstalling it.

    2. Nitro


      Okay apparently it fixed itself.


    3. BallisticPlanet