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  1. is it enough?

    that sounds good also thank you for your assistance. you are a great help
  2. is it enough?

    thats seems good i also forgot to mention i have that video card already
  3. is it enough?

    that sounds good thank you for your response and i don't really care about the look either as long as it runs fine and does what i want it to do.
  4. is it enough?

    so i mostly wanna start with mobas for right now since i know that the best maybe a little something here and there so does that sound good?
  5. is it enough?

    I wanna build my own pc and I was thinking of $800 as the budget is this enough for a pc to stream with or do i need more?
  6. Anime

    interesting i think ill give it a look thank you
  7. Anime

    whats it about?
  8. Anime

    any recommendation for an anime i watch all kinds. as long as the story is good i can pretty much deal with anything sometimes like slice of life just to enjoy something different.
  9. Competitive Team B: Team Roster & Chat

    how is everyone?
  10. music

    this is actually not that bad haha beats pretty dope as well
  11. music

    just looking to expand my music library so i ask if you can share your music with me. i listen to all genres of music so anything goes. Thank you for reading.