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  1. Awaiting Reply from applicant. 36hours to respond. Please post a reply to this topic when you have answered the above query or made the required changes to your application Do not edit topic title.
  2. Hello everyone :)

    Hope you'll love your stay here :)
  3. Hello from the Great White North

    Welcome my friend
  4. Who is Basa

    Welcome to Overwatch division ;)
  5. Introduction ^^

    Welcome and enjoy ur stay here
  6. Greetings Brethren

    Welcome mate , enjoy ;)
  7. sandal and socks

    Welcome , will love to play with you in future :)
  8. Hello

    Welcome to clan mister
  9. Introduction

    Welcome my mate
  10. the updated one! everything is removed due to server wiped! So yeay i'll tryna design the replica for it
  11. It's really easy to learn but hard to stay in this game for a long time :) You really need patience to have this game trust me :D , You'll die 1000 times and then will learn your mistake and repeat! This is what Rust is ;) You can Youtube the updated version of how rust works and then go on to Twitch as @wapsterr stated , it will help you alot ;)
  12. Looks like Rust Calendar needs 5 v 5 Event back at it again! %_% :__________:
  13. September Month goes Well Alhumdulillah! Next Objective is to become the Member of the Month <3

    1. AFDragon


      You cannot qualify for MOTM while you are an officer, but you have the chance to win Officer of the Month ;) 

    2. MatealZuck


      Oh my bad! Hopefully someday OFTM , thanks for the correction haha :)>

  14. it's a serious Post ... I really struggle playing solo in Rocket League! If i go aggressive , my teammate will do aswell and it will result in losing as mostly my teammate will never like to defend. If i go defensive , my teammate will keep on missing every chance he can get and will end up losing due to defending pressure! WHAT SHOULD I DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!