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  1. hows the banners coming ? cant find the subject xD 

  2. Check out cha's recent posts....

    Quality content right there
  3. Competitive Team D(BorK) Looking For Players!!!!

    GL on finding a support! A good way to search is in your Solo/Flex ranked games as well, if you find a support that is doing really well shoot them a message! Who knows, they may be looking for a team :)
  4. The Time Has Come

    Good luck out there Mikey! I know I didn't play with you a whole lot, but its always sad to see one of our own leave. I hope to see you around sometime!
  5. Does this include NA as well or just EU?
  6. Just watched Hero Acadamia and I'd definitely choose that one.
  7. Ornn, new OP Support?

    I'm curious to see how his item upgrade thing works
  8. Favorite AR URF Champion

    What is everyone's favorite champion to play on the new AR URF? I think my funnest game so far has been on Tristana. Unlimited Q procs for ultimate attack speed and never ending bomb resets. Also quick W's for fast traveling :)
  9. I am the least toxic person there is

    Probably just Rito's spaghetti code at it again.
  10. Does it frustrate anyone else that you cant see the whole status?

  11. I'm liking the new visual update

  12. Thoughts on the new Forum

    I'm enjoying the changes so far. I'm just happy I don't have to scroll up and down the main page trying to find DI-XI sub haha
  13. Successful Ultimate Bravery Event

    I got so lucky to get that Udyr build LOL
  14. I do like the particle effects, but the skin itself is meh to me