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  1. Thank y'all for this amazing time!


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      @Mikitsunelol our chicken jokes xD 

  2. Thank you for sharing this, It's really really cool and I actually really enjoyed watching it!
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  4. You're * <3
  5. Thank you! I will!
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  7. Thank you! Thank you Evani!!! :D
  8. BUNNY'S SCRAP COST GUIDE! Scraps are used on research tables to increase odds of crafting components, and can be acquired through recycling other components. Underneath what you're currently reading is a handy guide that I've put together that will help you with Scrap Cost. Scrap crafting and recycling amounts : ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Metal Blade To craft 10 scrapRecycle yield1 scrap Propane Tank To craft10 scrapRecycle yield1 scrap Sheet Metal To craft30 scrapRecycle yield2 scrap Road Sign To craft20 scrapRecycle yield2 scrap Metal Pipe To craft20 scrapRecycle yield2 scrap Gears To craft30 scrapRecycle yield3 scrap Metal Spring To craft50 scrapRecycle yield5 scrap Tech Trash To craft100 scrapRecycle yield10 scrap Semi Auto Body To craft50 scrapRecycle yield5 scrap SMG Body To craft80 scrapRecycle yield6 scrap Rifle Body To craft250 scrapRecycle yield10 scrap ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Uncraftable components : Tarp Sewing Kit Rope ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Research table : To do all this new component crafting, you’ll of course need a research table. Thankfully, it has been added back into the crafting menu. Cost 1000 frags 25 hqm 5 sheet metal ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hopefully the guide helps you! If you found this guide useful, or would like to help me out then leave a Rep on the post! :) Enjoy - Bunny
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  10. This is a really good song!! Thank you for sharing this!
  11. Am I dreaming?



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      It is a little known fact that the ultimate @GreatJackalbait is iridescent/rainbow bunnies.

  12. You are my father :)


  13. I hope you're all having an amazing night :)