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  1. What you listening to?

  2. What you listening to?

  3. This is the Best Smoke on Mirage!

    Alright thanks man gonna try it out!
  4. Hello everyone!

  5. Is this accurate? :'D

    Totally right :p
  6. Hello everyone!

    Hey man welcome to our division I am new as well :)
  7. What is the best skin you have right now.

    Who doesn't love these skins :p
  8. Funniest Meme's

  9. What other FPS games do you play besides CS GO?

    Alright man thanks for the explanation and it's good the map is random because on h1z1 you get bored easily... I will definitely look it up! :)
  10. Favorite TV show

    mine is definitely Game Of Thrones but breaking bad is also very good
  11. What other FPS games do you play besides CS GO?

    No I haven't yet I heard it was a little similar to h1z1, do you think it's better?
  12. Who's the best rapper at the moment?

    I would say kendrick is the greatest rapper atm but to say he's the best, idk. I think he is a little overhyped and there are a lot of other underrated rappers who are almost as good as kendrick in my opninion. Like for example Mick Jenkins, Isaiah Rashad or woodie smalls. Thats more my style.
  13. The new Gorillaz album. Thoughts and opinions

    Meh not my style, I only liked andromeda
  14. What you listening to?

    Some old school 2pac, one of my favourite songs of him. R.I.P. brother <3