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  1. Official PvP Security - Read & Acknowledge

    Understood, I guess someone attempted this?

    Raising and breeding my massive dodo army to take over the server! MUAHAHAH
  3. Official PvP Progress

    Si vis pacem, para bellum - we want peace, prepare for war always happy to help with the grind to get started up again
  4. Official PvP Progress

    Gg so goes the life of pvp servers :/ i will be on after work today
  5. Opinions on Wc statement?

    Exactly they will just slowly over time reduce the amount of legacy servers so there are only a small amount with a large amount of players on them which would be intense in a PVP environment. So it's basically join a new server and make a mad dash rush and try and get a foot hold within the first week (which is fun in itself haha) and establish yourself or continue to play on a legacy server while slowly over time being forced to move.
  6. STory behind ark

    That would be interesting!
  7. Opinions on Wc statement?

    I completely agree, one of their biggest issues at the ment is DDoSing. From how i read their statement i think what will happen is that the legacy servers will slowly die out because they stated that they will repurpose 10% of the legacy servers with the lowest population every 3 months (or somthing like that) this begs the question should players and clans start fresh on the new servers or run out the clock on the legacy ones?

    Breeding and farming hands down. Always enjoyed taming and breeding dinos for mutations
  9. Opinions on Wc statement?

    https://survivetheark.com/index.php?%2Farticles.html%2Fark-state-of-the-game-r486%2F So what is everyone's opinion on Wc statement about them not wiping servers?
  10. If Ark dinos could talk

    This is what i imagine some ark dinos would sound like if they talked! Haha
  11. Haha i am the only one who like SE :P i guess i just liked it since it has its own unique dinos and was the first to have dragons
  12. Official PvP Progress

    Spoken like a true Military personal haha
  13. Official PvP Progress

    Like i said i usually enjoy the farming and mind numbing stuff and trust me i want to get on as much as possible. Just always hard to find time due to work and spendings time with the fiancé, but when i am on i try to do as much grinding out as possible to help as much as i can.
  14. Yes i absolutely think that by the time they do the final release it will be a optimized game with minor issues and glitches. I am sure in the future they will continue to release more gear and dinos but for now they are just fixing the small things to polish it up
  15. Official PvP Scrap Book

    Looking good!