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  1. Game Of Thrones

    I love GoT and all the killing and the plotting :) plus most of the women in Got are hot! ;p
  2. Worst thing to happen to you at work.

    I ran into a glass door during a fire alarm to leave the building and broke my nose.
  3. "Hello... Is it me you're looking for?"

    Hello and welcome to DI, great intro :)
  4. Reporting for duty!

    Hello and welcome to DI, great intro by the way :)
  5. What you listening to?

    love this song
  6. Noobhatts, the Introduction

    Hello and welcome to DI, glad your join us in Overwatch :)
  7. Cazsius' Initiation

    Welcome to DI, We have may members who play Ark and always looking for more members to join :)
  8. Hi! I'm Squirtle!

    Hi there, I guess by your name you were a Pokemon player, do you also collect the TCG cards?
  9. Wassup my dudes! :D

    Welcome to DI I've never played Rocket L but I know we have many great members who do and are always welcoming new members :)
  10. Cinnamon Bun Introduction

    Glad to have you with us, I think your fit in very nicely with the LoL members :)
  11. Hello All! (a short introduction)

    Welcome to DI, A little short on the intro there? this is your chance to intro yourself to the community, tell us what games your playing, how long you been play for etc
  12. hello peeps

    Welcome to DI, glad to have you with us
  13. Moi guys!

    Well to DI and glad to have you join us :) we have a great team who play Rockets L and Counter Strike :)
  14. New to DI

    Hello and welcome to DI Clan, we glad your joining us :)
  15. Hello Everyone!

    Welcome to DI, Glad to have you with us NetBan :) I'm liking your user name lol