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  1. Heller! How you dur'n? What cho name is?

    Hi and welcome to DI Gaming Clan, I know your be very welcome in the Overwatch teams :)
  2. Which one?

    Intel+NVIDIA that would be the one I go for! I'm just in the process of ordering my new PC My has: GTX 1080 Ti 11 gb gddr5 I7-8700k 32 gb RAM 3000mhz RGB Ram
  3. Apple Releasing iPhone 11 with... INTEL?!

    I think I'm going broke buying all these new Iphones lol
  4. DI World, Here I am .. The SunShine!

    Welcome to DI Clan, I like your user name lol I'm sure your be very welcome into the Overwatch teams:)
  5. Hello World!

    Welcome to DI, see your a big fan of LoL you fit in well around here :)
  6. Albro1 - Intro

    Hi glad to have you with us in DI, We have many members who also play LoL and would welcome you to join them :)
  7. Greetings

    Hello there glad to have you with us! if you need anything look me up :)
  8. Your Mom

    I think he saying he's a Mommy's Boy? ;p
  9. A quick bio.

    Hi Robert nice to have you with us in DI, nice intro :) if yo need anything look me up :)
  10. Heyo Just Your Typical Dota Trash

    Hello and welcome to DI, glad to have you joining the Dota teams :)
  11. The Walking Dead

    Does not matter how long this show been on TV it's still great!
  12. Hey Everyone!

    Hello and welcome to the greatest gaming clan in the World :) I'm sure your being welcome into the Dota teams :)
  13. I buy many box and get one set for me and one set for my daughter, then we sale the doubles on eBay, normally make enough money to for a good few boxes next time.
  14. Hello everyone

    Hi and welcome to DI, glad to have you joining the LoL members :)
  15. Hi everybody

    wow what a great intro, very warm welcome to DI :)