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  1. I hate the new mobile way it suck big time, specially with people who have fat fingers and small screens lol
  2. New guy, new newb.

    Hello, nice to meet you. Glad to have you with us in DI Clan. If you need anything look me up :)
  3. Tokens

    Maybe? who knows? I'm still trying work out all this new stuff lol

    Bump Bump here we go again ;p
  5. Hey I'll be up for that :) I play on most servers :) I'll on California time
  6. RileyDoTa Introduction

    Hi and welcome to DI, We have many great member who enjoy playing CoD and many other games you might like :)
  7. Awards and medals have gone?

    oh ok :) thanks for update
  8. Awards and medals have gone?

    Where have our awards and medals gone from our profiles?
  9. Hello everyone

    Hello and welcome to DI, I think your find some great members who are into Civ and Arma 3 and your get alone with them well :)
  10. krylov Introduction

    Hello and welcome to DI Clan, We have some great members who play DOTA and I think your fit in very well with them :)
  11. Spyware

    Download Super Anti Spyware its FREE and works great :) and they update every other day
  12. Casual Team A Thread

    Ah another month gone, where does all these days go too? so any new games coming out soon?
  13. Zaweri's Introduction

    Nice, Glad to have you with us in DI, what games do you play?
  14. Hey Folks

    Hello and welcome to DI Clan, if you need anything lok me up :) nice intro by the way :)