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  1. Rank : GN1 Region : NA Preffered role : Awper, Entry frager, rifler prefered maps : Mirage , Cache, Dust II Convenient time ( hour and time zone) example : School Days- 7-11 PM... Non school days- 1PM-11PM
  2. I was younger and the game said I needed to put an email to keep going... I didn't know what that meant so I decided to the everything over again and maybe it won't come up again. Then I eally gave up and never played again
  3. Mobile Games?

    Trivia Kingdom (Im such a nerd)
  4. New NA-based team?

    What's your rank? Silver Elite Master Hours? 281 hours Steam profile? https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198164635787 What region are you in? North America (South Eastern part of North America) What role(s) do you prefer to play? Since I only have 280 hours, I don't know which role I am good or bad at. I am equal in everything. (I just need to figure what i am best at) When could you practice? Not on school days (any time). On school days (6-10)... w/sports (8-10) Why do you want to be a part of a team? I have been looking for a team for while and a lot of players in DI are Europe. I also want to rank up/get better with a team and do practices and stuff. What skills make you stand out above the rest of the crowd? I am good with smgs and can AWP well when I am feeling it. Favorite team? (just curious) Fnatic Why should I choose you over anyone else for your role(s)? Since I haven't been forced into 1 position... I can be flexible to turn into whatever you guys need.
  5. Getting out of silver!

    if you go to go matching teams websites, you can find 1000s of teams looking for players to get out of silver. But you cant do that cause you are on DI. So find a team in DI XD
  6. In game economy. DISCUSSION

    Well it really depends, techinally 2 rifles are better than 1 awp. But if the 2 riflers absolute trash, then try and wait a round so your teammates can actually buy. Otherwise, just go in with pistol and no armor and try to get picks. If you do get a pick save that rifle. If it is a good team, buy the rifles.
  7. 4:3 or 16:9

    The wideness of some ratios just makes my screen blue... ye... a blue screen. I think my driver is f*cked up o something XD
  8. What was your first rank in CS GO?

    Silver 4

    Acer aspire e 15. It's not the best laptop, but it is pretty cheap. It runs csgo at like 60-100 fps at the highest settings, which is really surprising. But their are issues with the wifi card and sound card where the wifi card only gives fast internet with an N band. The sound has really weird recording problems where it will pause my voice then start the voice then repeat it every half a second.
  10. A throwback to these old tv shows that were great.
  11. The starbase arc is a freaking octagon. Like wtf. You cant even air dribble on it
  12. If you get used to it, its good. Its only like 0.5mm off the ground XD.
  13. The octane is the best car... just use it. Other the bat mobile is good for aireals and the breakout is good for dribbling.