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  1. Whatsup with your username?

    I have had more usernames than I can possibly remember. Most of them have come from a deviation of differing mythologies. However, this time I went with something a bit more simplistic. I have broken my name down into two parts, easily distinguishable. Toxic, not because I am a toxic person, but rather the way someone perceives me could be in a "toxic" light. I can come off as harsh sometimes and I can be a bit of an asshole sometimes as well. Enigma is because of the above reason. It confuses people making it difficult to understand me and my personality.
  2. Where are you from?

    Oh yeah? Well, I am from Ohio. Where we have 6 in. of snow overnight, 70 F by noon and thunderstorms at supper.
  3. He had a fab sniper shooting from afar. With the flyer nerf things like that are not quite that simple.
  4. He did have a mount, Ptera to be exact. However, the issue would be that he was too far away to aggro the Microraptor. Although, at some point, we will be needing some high-level ones.
  5. Guess next person to post?

    wrong! now @KillerRexcan post
  6. Hello Everyone!

    It's great, but if playing on official you need to put in a lot of time.
  7. It's not the same and it breaks too easy. I have used the glass on the PvE servers I will know the difference. LOL
  8. I want the glass on Officials... :(
  9. Updated, adding a forge building.
  10. Hello Everyone!

    Thank you, @ScarabKing So far it has been great!
  11. Hello Everyone!

    It can only mess with your soul if you have one. lol
  12. Hello Everyone!

    I know... who would let this creep in? lol. Back at ya.
  13. Hello Everyone!

    Sounds good! Once I get my team on auto pilot I will be sure to join you guys!
  14. Hello Everyone!

    I am sure at some point it will happen. :D I just bought Rust last week. I put like 2 or 3 hours into it goofing around.