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  1. Activity Requirements (Read and Respond)

    Read, I will be wherever I am needed.
  2. Different timezones

    I had moved them over from Redwoods. We just need to keep those alive and check them. The area they are in is temporary though.
  3. Team B

    Thank you!
  4. Team B

    Updated to include Operation Firework link at the bottom of the post, please follow the link and read the topic.
  5. Official PVP discussion/suggestion

    This has been discussed at some point Ara, it has been a while though. The thing we face now is not enough regularly ACTIVE bodies. We have the people we just need more of them to get online and throw in a hand. Out of 20 people (+/-) I see the same 5 people every day. We can't move forward and split people into duties if we don't have enough people to split them into those areas.
  6. Water pen needs some defense PVP Official

    If it is an area that needs defense, that would be considered a base. We are trying to focus on one area at a time. This is an issue. I have stated to many people that we are focusing on defenses on one base and our current main base is not defended well enough to ward off more than just a few people. The issue is people want to go off and do their own thing instead of contacting the people in charge. We have 4 people that you can contact if you want to do something like this. DI, in all forms is an organization in which you need to contact your chain of command, especially in Ark.
  7. Casual Team B

    You cannot, you do not have demo perms.
  8. Casual Team B

    Read and acknowledge: there is to be no building on the server, especially outside of base, without authorization from myself, Vaulk, Yuna or gorbachef. No ifs ands or buts.
  9. Team B

    Read and acknowledge: there is to be no building on the server, especially outside of base, without authorization from myself, Vaulk, Yuna or gorbachef. No ifs ands or buts.
  10. Water pen needs some defense PVP Official

    Okay... Here is the deal, we need defenses at our main base and I don't think anyone have authorization for a new outpost. So unless you get authorization first do NOT be building new bases.
  11. Different timezones

    I will get them to the new base. I just need a few.
  12. Different timezones

    Let them starve? Umm... why would we let them die?
  13. Team B

  14. He had a fab sniper shooting from afar. With the flyer nerf things like that are not quite that simple.
  15. Different timezones

    Keep checking the forums under your team's post. Generally, we try to post things to do there, but with many changes going on it is hard to change them regularly. Additionally, you mentioned a few already. You can always run for stone on the Doed. There is a large amount of stone right outside of our base. Cooking meat, gathering eggs, filling plant x, making turret ammo, filling troughs, gathering stone/fiber, snails need to be checked hourly, these are just a few things that can be done. You can also recruit people that you may know and send them to Matrix, Ara or me to get them in DI, so you have someone in your time zone.