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  1. That is the main reason, or wiring getting destroyed. When you get raided if your generators go down you are done. Without your turrets you have little chance of you and your dinos surviving.
  2. Hahahaha! Hopefully he doesn't watch YouTube videos about Ark.
  3. I'm with Voma on this. I love playing as a team to reach a common goal, usually endgame content. At the same time, there is a certain rush on PvP servers when threat is omnipresent. Of course, no one wants to get wiped, but having the threat looming over you gets my heart racing. I too love SE but I can enjoy any map. The thing I like most about SE is that you really have to plan your builds. You can't just go farm materials and throw a base together, at least not effectively. It isn't an option, you have to double layer, minimum. The second thing I like about it is that many of the servers have a low population. Hope to see you on soon! ENJOY!!!
  4. Placing multi layer walls. Generator wiring on different floors. An ejection seat on a raft? Yes, please!
  5. Thank you, I greatly appreciate that!
  6. A YouTube video from H.O.D Gaming. He also has some other good videos, especially in his "How not to be a noob" playlist.
  7. I haven't played on Rag or CI. I have them both as well as a few others. I'm a bit biased, because most of my experience comes from the center map.
  8. Haters gonna hate. lol
  9. Freakin Titanoboas too. Let me nip you in the arse while you gather berries, or kill that _____ over there. Oops, knocked you out, HAHA take that "survivor!"
  10. YouTube is your friend here. A few good channels to subscribe to are, Jay Cartere, Fresonis and, a new favorite of mine, captain fatdog - ARK: Building Tips. Always use your resources if you don't know something. It is better to ask questions from your tribe, or in this case the Division (which has a great deal of knowledge). Other than those, things you can do for yourself to help in PvP, I think, include: Don't get frustrated! You will die, and you will die often. If you are unsure of a map or an area of the map, scout first. Do not take your best gear, or Dino, into unknown territory. Along with #2 carry a sleeping bag, just in case you die. This will give you a spawn point near so that you are able to quickly find your tame again. If you plan on scouting a large area, bring several. Have provisions. Make sure you have, at a minimum, a canteen (or water skin?), and food. Cooked meat is best if you do not have recipes for better quality food items. Last, but not least, HAVE FUN. It is, after all, a game. I know, far too well, that you can easily lose your temperament in a game like this. You will spend countless hours over some of the smallest things, but if you aren't having fun then take a step back and see if you can find a better style that may suit you. In a tribe, there are many roles that need to be filled. Things like building, meat and berry runs, defense building, running caves and so much more are all integral parts of a tribe, especially as it grows.
  11. LOL!! You would be surprised. When I played on PS4 I had to take over building because too many people would just build and it would be trash, at least in my opinion. Had one kid place 50 preserving bins all over an area of the base and they weren't in a line, or even close. I swear I ended up getting the twitches over it and tore them all down and build him a building with 20 inside. I do admit that sometimes it takes me a bit longer to place things down because I try to get them as close to perfect as I can. I have demoed things before that I put down just because they weren't lining up the way that I thought they should. I saw a mod out there that I would love for them to impliment. Basically, it would allow the large storage bins to snap to one another. All these YouTube videos that I watch are going to be the end of me. hah. Too many great mods out there that most likely will not get put into the game, that I personally think should.
  12. Thank you, everyone, for the feedback. This is what I do with just about any MMO style game that requires crafting/building. I have a notebook (and Google files) full of notes and schematics that I have drawn up for the PS4 tribe I was in previously. Oddly enough, when it comes to Ark I seem to be a little OCD about things and laying out plans. If anyone needs anything else done feel free to message me. I will be spending a lot of time at the ball fields for nearly the next month. It gives me something to do while my daughter is at practice or warming up for a game.
  13. The calc is mostly for how many of each item you need. Use Dododex to find out how much kibble you need then use the spreadsheet to figure out how many materials you need to make that kibble.
  14. A few hours maybe each, to get them setup right. The calculator took the longest. It still needs some work, with the additions, but should work for the most part. The others were mostly copy paste, but I had to do some workarounds in order to get them to look like they do. I have others, I just have to locate everything.
  15. I watched a few videos on it today... I sort of wanna give it a go. Even introduced it into officials!! The Griffin is cool I like the look and the swoop attack, but it is weaker overall than the Argy. I would also like to see a reskin of the ice wyvern they have going. It's basically a lightning reskinned. I also like that breath attack, slowing enemies down! Yes, PLEASE!