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  1. Its a good change, especially coupled with the scientists, will make the launch site require good weapons and a good plan before entering
  2. It's Official Ark Delayed....Again

    Glad they did, game was 100% not ready
  3. Id be a lystro <<3
  4. Unofficial PvP

    Im down for it, kinda bored of official aswell
  5. Offficial PvP Success Recipe

    yea i meant asians and every type of alpha tribe that prevents people from playing on their server
  6. Offficial PvP Success Recipe

    Step 0: make friends on the server. Last thing you want is to get setup on a chinese owned server (no racism intended, they just dont let people play) and get wiped for fun
  7. ty, keep forgeting about clan events
  8. kinda like it, sitting in a bush in pitch black night in front of someones base, i have gamma on via this method, they dont, they walk by me i club them and get a free kit, they dont even see me :)
  9. GUIDE ON INCREASING GAMMA (brightness) IN ARK SURVIVAL EVOLVED 1st step - In-game settings: Okay, so firstly, you need to have your game in fullscreen windowed mode. It's pretty much the same thing but tabbing out is easier and I'm not really sure, but i believe it is also a must to record or stream. to do that, all you need is to change a setting. Here's a pic: 2nd step - Changing screen gamma: Secondly, you will need to change your screen gamma. Keep in mind this is a guide for windows, there might be a simmilar tool on apple software but idk. Go to the windows search bar and type "calibrate". Then, open the first thing that shows up. If nothing shows up, press enter. On windows 8 it will take you to an actual window with a magnifying glass as an icon and there should be something called calibrate screen color or calibrate gamma. Open it, keep clicking next until you see a slider, drag it to the top and there you go, your ark screen is brighter. In the daylight, you drag it back or click the button below the slider PS: Never mind the portuguese word below the slider, it should say cancel or something like that in english
  10. Yea so just post your base building ideas and everything you feel is necessary to stop raiders :) My theories: Behemoth gates suck, especially if they are the first layer of defense. All the raider has to do is place 1-2 c4 and they can drain your turrets easily with a bronto while staying behind cover. If a pen is needed around the base, then make the behemoths be close to the base, and around the behemoth gates place other defense methods such as pillars and regular dino gates with metal spikes. If you spam dino gates outside turret range, the attackers have to waste hundreds of c4 charges before they can even start draining turrets, and if you keep pushing them back with well placed shots and picks, they might not even start. Turret placement: Turrets are the most important thing in base defense, so, they need to be treated as such. First of all, the placement on the main base. Many big tribes place them on the roof (giant hatchframes, not catwalks) and floor of the base. If the base has multiple floors, its important to place some in the middle either using giant hatches or catwalks. Its important that these turrets are not being blocked since these will be the last line of turret defense in the base. It is also important that the attackers have to drain every last turret before moving on to these so utilize dino gates, spikes, pillars etc... Secondly, turret towers. There are multiple great designs ranging from small 1x1 pillboxes with 4 turrets to big sniping towers with beds and everything. These are all important and the more you have, the better :)
  11. Casual A and Casual B Poll

    Completely agree :) build up on a friendly server until we have the dinos and the gear to fight large tribes cross-server and make allies like spartans/carebears/barry seals