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  1. Welcome to DI man!
  2. yea im thinking about twitch streaming, thats why i would like an i7. Also, what is superclocking and overclocking?
  3. Thanks! Yeah, my budget is around 1-1200 euro (1400 USD) and i was hoping to get a good gpu (1060/70...?) and maybe an i7 cpu if it could be possible
  4. Glad to help everyone out :)
  5. Welcome to DI, btw i want that tower o.o
  6. ts.dmg-inc.com If you get accepted, welcome to DI!
  7. holy shit poor fishies
  8. Must say the lystro, its so cute when they backflip and make a cute noise when you pet them lol
  9. Oh cool, this got perma posted, now everyone will see this and post their tips :)
  10. the 5th point is completely true. Not everyone needs to be a good sniper, if you enjoy things like breeding and building, large tribes will have a spot for you still :)
  11. Thanks for the help both of you and that is probably what im going to do, sell it and get a desktop, to watch stuff on the go I have a smartphone or a tablet
  12. This is basically so everyone shares their pvp knowledge both on official or unofficial servers, both for large tribes or solo combat. This way we all learn and get better at the game. Post videos, reddit/steam links and just overall tips and tricks. Basic things I have learned: -Always carry parachutes or grapples (if you get picked without these, youre dead) -When in a sniper battle, use your movement speed. Strafe around but dont be predictible. Jumping is a wierd thing, on the one hand, its harder to hit you, on the other though, he knows where you will be when you land. If facing a good player this means you will get headshotted -Always have the rider protected by foundation and pillar on thing with platform saddles like brontos, quetzes and paracers. These tames are tanky and this way you wont get sniped off. -Ascendant clubs and a few points on melee/battle tartare will completely destroy anyone with melee weapons or shotguns, just run around and hit them until they are k.o.
  13. Razer is pretty much marketing and cool leds. Id say g502 by logitech is pretty nice or maybe steelseries rival 700
  14. Ps4 only, play a lot of GTA V and other open world games like watch dogs
  15. Hello, so, about 3 years ago, i bought myself an amazing laptop (now realized it was a horrible idea and that I should have built or bought a desktop) to play all sorts of games. It runs an i7 4th gen, 16gb ram, but, only a GT 750 gpu. Ive recently got into ark and realized that my gpu is complete garbage and I would like to know if I can upgrade it on a laptop and maintain everything else or do I have to build a new desktop with good planning?