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  1. New posting system?

    LMAO!!! *sighh* ...

    I need all the team Captains to send me a pm with your steam link ID and you 2IC steam link so @IcarusVcan give you admin rights on the DMG-INC servers. THANKS!
  3. What do you want?

    We currently have 2 NA servers in use for all DI members. The teams can schedule the server at certain times to ensure no one is using them. We have a thread with the IPs on them I believe in the "teams" section. What events do you suggest? We have 1v1s, 2v2, 5 man comps, and we play hide and seek. The special rewards for this month is in recruiting. I posted something about it in the "announcement" section. Thank you for your feedback! :)
  4. New dude here

    Welcome!! 😎 @Mrayzor

    Thank you all for your effort! This was the leaderboard for KiLLaHs event. I will give stars out to those below deserving! Congratulations on your Silver star! @Targaryen Congratulations on your Bronze Stars! @Askao @Hannibal one more recruit for yours! @Efmi @HappyHellmann If I missed you, pm me.
  6. Welcome to Division IV! Before you get started with learning the forums please join the CS GO Division Club. We need all of our initiates to do so in order to Accept and Decline events for attendance. If you have questions on how to do this message me @Hannibal or any captain - we are here to help. Thank you for your compliance!
  7. I started to actually enjoy Train lately! And can't go wrong with Dust2! :) Good topic!
  8. Hello all! Thank you for your attention! This subject matter is about RECRUITING. I am willing to offer STARS OF VALOR to those who go above and beyond. ****This is a callout to all members**** This Division needs everyone to recruit ONE person as an initiate THIS MONTH. That's it!! Just ONE. This is something everyone should not have a problem doing. As members of -DI- we stay active and love our community. Recruiting shouldn't be a chore or a difficult process. This falls on all of us. Please help me and @Hannibalin getting to our Division goal! BELOW IS THE NUMBER FOR STARS OF VALOR GOLD - 7+ SILVER - 5 BRONZE - 3 @Maverick to each of your initiates applications.
  9. New Server IP's

    Thanks to @IcarusV we have 2 NA servers set up. No EU servers as of now. DMG-INC Comp-Pub East-Coast DMG-INC Practice-Server PW : DivisionIV
  10. Commander Change

    Hey Division IV. My name is Maverick. Most of you know me by now, but for those that don't I have taken the position of Commander. My goal as commander is to help all of you make your time in -DI- as enjoyable as possible. We all joined this division because our love for CS and the drive to play with others. My door is open to everyone. If anyone has ideas, concerns, or complaints feel free to message me directly. @Maverick

    Thank you @IcarusV
  12. Team Howled [Elite Team]

    @VoXonatoR Elite Team Please keep this up to date as best as possible for any changes, matches , etc. Directly message me with any important matters.
  13. New posting system?

    It takes time but you'll get it.
  14. @yozzer hey man. Just wait until your application is confirmed as an initiate. usually doesnt take too long. Once there you will have access DI IV forums. Thats where you will be able to check out teams.
  15. Grizzly had a good game. I'd be salty too if I was him.