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  1. I do an arms race and then join a team death match server. I've been using the scout and whatever pistol (not deagle) to work just on headshots.
  2. What has helped me is whenever you press to talk , next to your name it has your current position. Also, when I'm learning a new map I always look in the top left corner of my screen. It tells you what that area is and changes as you move.
  3. I did the application in the COACHING sticky. Looking forward to whoever my coach turns out to be!
  4. Is there any mentorship programs around here? I've dropped from GN1 and want to move up in my rank and not down. I'm open to learn some tips and tricks from the people better than me. Hope to hear from someome!
  5. HEY DI!! I'm always looking for some people to party up with and play some competitive matches. And me on steam and say hey!
  6. Am i the only one that likes the Galil?
  7. Thanks for the warm welcome! Side note - Ontario is beautiful!
  8. Thanks!
  9. Hey everybody! I go by Maverick! I am a new applicant to your clan with several games. The one I play most is CS:GO. I also play WoW, DoD, and Star Citizen. I have been a steam member since the beginning , about 12 years ago when I was in high school. Since then I have stayed to it. Recently I have upgraded my PC and really starting to put hours into CS:GO. When I first started playing I quickly became leader and admin of my original clan's CS division and servers. Much respect to the admins here for keeping things so organized and together - it's work. I miss being part of a team and always having a group of people to have fun with and play together. At times, it's not fun playing solo - especially competitive matches when the rest of your team is crap and not working Together. Outaide of the the gaming community I am 26 and a pilot - hence the name Maverick. Well, there was my quick introduction! Looking forward to playing with you all.