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  1. 6102 :D
  2. ?? 6094
  3. My nuts once tasted like a fat flying furry goat who has issues with Mexicans paying for dinner at kitty cat's dinner biscuit in Las Vegas, New Mexico and Kaunas so let's go to Taco Bell and wreck something that is not buttered like crispy rocks, alfredo sauce tastes like a squirrel anus whispering bonjour eating greatjackals left toe and right hernia that exploded when you discovered Donald Duck playing in the backyard with knives and unicorns are beautifully flying touching marshmallows eating balloons and fidget spinners whilst eating candy canes which happened to shriek towards death near spicy flavours
  4. Cool game :D The Boulder ability seems like a deathtrap though :S
  5. Llama, Goldfish, Duck
  6. If you have a lot of carry weight, carry stones and other heavy useless things (many different items for best effect). If people try to quick loot you they get overburdened. Bring stimulants. Use buff food.
  7. 6091 :>
  8. Base is getting raided again lmao

    Glad we made all those bullets and turrets earlier

    1. Aralornx


      good prep work for the A Team!

  9. 6067
  10. max_goes_whatever
  11. Barry [I am friend] and friends are attack us on server 74 again

    1. AnimaLibera


      getting raided again?

    2. maxgoeswhatever


      They made threats and killed our wandering water dinos...
      We are setting up turret towers and making ammo rn :)

    3. AnimaLibera


      keep up the good work and show them what you're made of! :)