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  1. [Awaiting Reply]Application

    It shows different flag for me. Neither less I still stand by my decision of decling him on joining DI-XVI. @Evani
  2. I, as the Division Commander, have Approved the Acceptance of this application
  3. [Awaiting Reply]Application

    @Faithy, I'm confused. You applied and you have NA flag, now it's an EU one. I declined you but now you are reapplying for the EU division? I really don't understand
  4. [Awaiting Reply]Application

    Hey @Faithy, May I ask why there is now a different flag on your profile compared to last time you applied? Any particular reason for it? Cheers
  5. [Awaiting Reply]Application

    Are you using a VPN @Faithy? You were NA when you tried to apply for the NA division
  6. Enjoy your STA Anima, it is 100% deserved. Kick the feet back and dont look at the forums for a week :) Enjoy!

  7. Holy sit outta left field my guy becomes a Commander. Grats buddy!

    1. Raptor


      Appreciate it mate! Looking forward to the future :D

    2. OverwatchTho
  8. Fantastic work to everyone involved in this wipe! You guys have really been killing it lately with the wipes been thrown at you guys, and i especially thank you @nNised for hosting this wipes ! :D
  9. At the current state, it is just used for testing purposes. Eventually alot of things will be improved upon to accommodate cars, but we will see what the developers will do with them :)
  10. Fantastic work guys especially in one day! Great to see the team playing on modded servers making great use of it :D
  11. Daily motivational/interesting quotes

    You earn what you take.
  12. How many cups of coffee a day?

    Up and down , some days i might have 2 other days i might have 6. Very inconstant with my coffees :P
  13. Great work Mateal! Hopefully this is an event we can regularly have between different teams. Fantastic work in building the arena mate! :D
  14. Escape from Tarkov

    Been following the development of this game for a while, looks insanely good and is definetly a game unlike any other! Definetly worth checking out guys :)
  15. How Do Peeps

    @kipa28Man, I really love that mustache :D