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  1. Division Wipe Raid

    Hey everyone!, Hope everyone is having a fabulous time in DI, i know I am :P We held a division wipe which was new to alot of people. It is a once a month wipe where all join together as one big family and fuck shit up :D We had our issues at start, but has developed in a very memorable wipe already. Outstanding work to everyone involved in the wipe and especially those leading it as it is very stressful :P But, it will be worth it :) The story of our first division raid is a very interesting one. It began with a redline and esi taking a stroll and looking for a new base location, as a 40 man group was living in a 2x4. They stumbled upon a russian base, whom an agreement was taken upon, we dont attack them, they dont attack us. Easy peasy lemon squeasy right? Well, earlier I had heard reports that they killed some of our men, and had taken the loot. The decision was made, we were going to tear them apart (they were also cousins of @Folno :D). So, what lead to a lovely and stressfree setup for the raid, lead to explosions and the cries of the victims. We took them down, we shut that shit down, as a team, and I am proud as hell of everyone :) You ever hear the one about the stupid little prick, who thought he knew shit, but didn't know shit, and got everyone that he gave a shit about killed. Its about folnos cousin :P http://imgur.com/a/9y8nJ
  2. Interest in TV series

    Hey everyone, I hope everyone is having a fantastic time and I feel a lot more bonding could happen :D What TV series do you guys watch? I may make a movie night that plays the first episode of a TV series , what do you guys think? :) Me personally, my favoruite TV series to watch at the moment is The Walking Dead, although I have a few series following that like Narcos and Mr.Robot. These scenes are why i like TWD :) What is your favoruites guys? Gives me an idea for rust as being able to own a clan and get them to slave for you :P
  3. Daily motivational/interesting quotes

    You earn what you take.
  4. How many cups of coffee a day?

    Up and down , some days i might have 2 other days i might have 6. Very inconstant with my coffees :P
  5. Great work Mateal! Hopefully this is an event we can regularly have between different teams. Fantastic work in building the arena mate! :D
  6. Casual A Thread

    Event Attendance (If your name is not on the list and you attended it is most likely because you did not stay for more then half of the event, if otherwise, please PM me ). 08.08.17 - Combat Tags -Alexander -Valerie -Raptor -JackExEck -Anima -lor. -Herds -Ciceno -Scumlyfe -Folno 13.08.17 - Movie Night -Raptor -Overwatchtho -Anima -Redline -Pacto -Zerko -Slyman -CraftingEdge -Esiland -JedWayne -Folno -Yankeeboy -Elemental -lor -Tionis -Tomy -Zaweri -Klopke -Xialon -Vegas -Gozi -BastardLunatic -Cluster -MatealZuck -Zerko -kse7en
  7. Casual A Thread

    Transfers 13.08.17 - Cluster, Dunga, Slyman00011 - Team B 14.08.17 - Alexander, C0saurus - Team B to Casual A 17.08.17 - Pureessence, Lastlife2 - Casual B
  8. Escape from Tarkov

    Been following the development of this game for a while, looks insanely good and is definetly a game unlike any other! Definetly worth checking out guys :)
  9. Division 1 Movie Night!

    You are more then welcome to come mate :D
  10. Sooooo, update?

    Maybe ;)
  11. Sooooo, update?

    Lol, defo some changes happening ATM
  12. Hello everyone! Hope everyone is having a fantastic time throughout DI. I finally have access to division 1 forums again and with that, I am going to host a movie night for us all! It is division 1 hosted but all members from DI are more then welcome to come watch , so it is best to spread the word :D It will be hosted on August the 13th at 9.30 BST. I will make a calender event very soon for it :) How it will work is, I will be playing a movie, and it will be streamed to a private room on rabbit.it for DI to watch in :D This will be a fantastic event which has not been done in the division for as long as I have been here :) It is a chance to be able to engage with fellow members of your division, within a non - rust event! For the movie, I'm thinking The Book of Eli as it has that fallout 3 and rust feel, or John Wick as it features lots of killing :D (Also, @Folnois the bad guy in it :D) Let me know what you guys think :D
  13. The Tank.

    I look forward to the implementation of Bradley ;) Will defo be intriguing to see the tank in action
  14. August 2017 Super Weekend!

    Movie night was fantastic :D