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  1. welcome to DI (I too am in need of post count)
  2. Gonna try out atlas reactor seems like a good game

    1. MrSfke


      it sure is. If you need any help or tips come hang out with us in our team speak channels and there will be most likely be people to help you around.

    2. Sencor


      will do when ts is back on getting failed to connect rn

    3. MrSfke


      yes ts problems may be still going on till Monday sadly. Back up ts Should be

  3. That moment when the division meeting is at 10 pm EST and its 5 am your time...

    1. JedWayne


      RIP meeting

  4. Don't know where to post this so for now ill post it here... If anyone know the correct thread please let me know :).


  5. gonna try to climb soloQ overwatch... worked out yesterday lol

    1. Taka


      is that hard? On dota it's so fucking annoying that I think sometimes of quiting the game

    2. Sencor


      sometimes you wanna take a knife slit your wrist sometimes its like beating a darksouls boss youve been trying to kill for a couple of days but mostly the wrist thing

    3. Neo


      I got from 1800sr to 3200sr with soloQ you can do it :d

  6. Widow... Dont know why i cant hit shots with her... With ana's scope i have like 90% hit on good days.
  7. ana couse the sleep dart is the bane of many ults
  8. Heres a tip for everyone get a comfortable mouse keyboard etc. it can be super cheap aslong as it doesnt impair your ability to hit nutty one taps and your hands dont get tired youre set.
  9. Obs with the proper settings is great
  10. Eating some lit BBQ waiting for an event :P