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  1. Although most PSU's are completely higher than they should be. I purchased an EVGA SuperNova, a relatively low priced PSU. It's a Platinum rated power supply, but I would highly recommend an APS back up. I got a power surge from a lightning strike and I lost that PSU and my motherboard. None the less, its worth the price, and it has a very nice warranty, Lightning Strikes not included.
  2. Television Series Before there was Breaking Bad there was: The Wire Sopranos Boardwalk Empire Pawn Stars - I'm a history buff Cosmos - The newer one Movies - Star Wars 4-7, 1-3 were not up to par but I still watch them despite that. The Godfather The Godfather Part II Forest Gump Major League
  3. Thanks for the video papa. How true. I get all the gold medals in the world playing D VA and yet I lose. dropped over 4 points since coming onboard. Gotta change some things up. Back to the drawing board.
  4. Very True, but Drunk was saying something about his PSU possibly not being more that 400-500 watts. Based on his components, that's going to be a stretch. He is running hardware that is at least 5 yrs old. Dell does not give you anything more than you need when it comes to PSU's. They want you to buy PC's and on top of that, they typically do not offer major upgrades within a particular line because of that. Even if he were to get another PSU, chances are that 24 pin connector is proprietary meaning it may have more or less pin assignments than an aftermarket PSU. I used to own an XPS 410, and that case and system board were one of the most upgradeable proprietary systems I have ever seen a PC Manufacturer off. Considering that I used to work for Dell back in the late 90's thru the early 2000's, I was amazed at what I was able to get away with. I upgraded the PSU to an aftermarket. I was able to upgrade to a Core 2 Duo Quad from just a regular Core 2 Duo. I added a video card and memory which typically are not big deals unless they reverse slot the video cards. The fact that the bios on XPS 410 was not processor locked amazed me. I got away with murder on that particular model.
  5. Drunk made two great points about the motherboard PCIe and the power supply. Out of those points, he stressed that you definitely need to address whether your power supply can support the card. If the system is an Alienware, and the case is proprietary then it's possible your going to have some limitations. The 1060's, although not the largest of the 10 series cards is still a beast in terms of size. Of course getting the 3 gig card will solve this but your power requirements might still be hindered by the number of pins assigned to the 12-volt rail on that Alienware PSU. The issue with the PCIe slot being a 2.0 is not going to matter that much. My son runs the exact same processor you do on an X58 series motherboard with a 1070 and it runs fine.
  6. I just recently started playing more and more of those two characters and the one thing that I have forced myself to do is to turn down my DPI for both characters. It's allowing me to be more accurate, not sure if that will change your mind but who knows
  7. I would definitely follow Drunk Guys suggestions. He addressed everything I would have based on your systems current specs
  8. One thing I highly recommend to all is to keep all your receipts, especially on high ticket items such as your Video Card, Power Supply, Etc. The reason being is that companies do offer some pretty good warranties on their products. You should always register the product with the manufacturer because this helps in speeding up the process. Depending on the vendor some will exchange within 30 days for a new one. In most cases, you will receive recertified/reconditioned and even brand new components. No need to spend more money if you do not have too. The custom PC business is bigger than you might think because the components are getting more powerful, faster and they use less power so they want you to spend more money, which means they want return business and if they can't back their product, then adios to them. Gaming on a console is like driving a Yugo. Why drive that when you can have a Ferrari.
  9. Thanks for the reply Voltron. I was wondering. Are you by chance using an Asus motherboard with AI Suite III enabled? I am going to mess around with the fan settings in there to see if that might be the problem. IE: Those two pieces of software are clashing. Still doesn't make any sense because the H80i GT I had is basically the exact same water block and I did not do a wipe on the drive. It pretty much should be plug and play
  10. Is anyone else currently using Corsair Link along with the H series coolers, Axi Power Supplies, and or Vengeance RGB LED memory? I have used the software in the past without issues with the H80i coolers. However, with my latest upgrades to an H100i, Corsair Vengeance RGB, and an AXi1200 series power supply the Utility is doing some weird stuff. There are no firmware versions available for the cooler which is technically the main issue. It will sometimes show up in the utility and sometimes it won't. It's cooling the processor without issue but I like to set the threshold colors to a particular operating range so that red only shows up when it hits that higher threshold. If anyone else has these issues are has worked through them to resolution, please post. Thanks
  11. I have been building rigs for about 20 years now. Definitely a trial and error process, but the few things that I have found to be extremely useful are reviews. Whether it's on YouTube, Amazon, New Egg or Reddit, people's opinions matter. When I got to the point where I really wanted to overclock, I spent a monumental amount of time watching Youtube videos of hosts that were using the exact hardware, IE, Motherboard, memory, and processor to try and achieve the same results. Low and behold it works. Have a plan before you buy. What is it that you ultimately want to achieve? I would also recommend that you think forward and beyond from the build you want now and what will be coming down the pipeline at a later date. Things such as Case Size, Power Supply Wattage and Rating will matter. If you decide to upgrade later, not having to completely buy certain components all over again will help you get the most important ones you want when you're ready. Not spending money on a new case and power supply can allow you to put that money towards a better processor, motherboard, memory, or storage drive. If you're not even considering overclocking then you can save quite a bit on components. Overclocking can and usually does require components that are matched (such as memory) and rated for higher clock speeds without a lower ceiling. Not always, but in most cases it does. If you don't need Dominator Platinum Memory, don't buy it cause there are many other options that are going to give you stable performance for a lot less. My reason for mentioning Dominator Platinum is because those modules are hand selected for tolerance. Other manufacturers do the same with their higher end products. On the processor side of the house, of your not overclocking then there is no need to get a (k) rated (unlocked) Intel processor. Have a plan, if you need help I will be more than happy to help, just ask
  12. Honestly, the best mouse I have ever owned has been a Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum. Currently, I am not using it because I am trying the Asus Spatha which I find to be a bit too heavy but it has a lot more control over your settings. The G502 has weights that can be added or removed, and even with all the weights installed it's much much lighter than the Spatha. As for Razor, enough has been said regarding over priced.
  13. 1. Definitely Mercy! Although I am slowly working on her so that I can be more flexible in all matches and games, I just don't know how to stay out of harm's way. 2. Widow - I suppose if I turned down my DPI I could become a lot better but I am too used to the settings that I have to want to change. 3. Zarya - Working on her but need more practice. 4. McCree - need to roll more 5. Reaper....
  14. Is This Easy Mode?
  15. TY thus far to all who have greeted me. I apologize for getting on so late last night. Work and then a family BBQ. I would like hopefully link up with several of the members in Overwatch and play some QP