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  1. Escape from Tarkov

    After a frustrating week for me personally with Tarkov, I ended tonight a high note. After playing with Risky and Fheyerstar with me getting nowhere but DEAD, I decided to make a solo run on Shoreline. Low and behold it ended gloriously. The first choice I made was to go in at dusk with just a pistol. I got close to some action but stayed away knowing I was outgunned. Probably the biggest mistake I made initially was not taking a backpack with me cause I found crap ton of ammo in the little swamp town and had to leave it. When I finally made it to the shoreline, I crossed the road onto the barge. I got to the very end of the barge and was about to jump off to the little bridge going to the island, when saw someone walking toward me. I could tell he was loaded. I backed up and he began shooting. Good thing the barge was metal cause I waited for him to shoot and then I unloaded on him, aiming for the legs. He fell, then I saw his buddy moving around behind him. I reloaded and unloaded on him as well. Two down, time to loot. I hauled in a Saga 12 gauge, with 4 mags, a blackrock vest, body armor, and AKN74, mags, ammo and duffle. After I left I went to search for the extraction point and ended up in the wrong place. I found a crate of grenades, five to be exact. Got back on track and made it to extraction. Best run I have had yet. This game is very addicting, and its only going to get better.
  2. A "formal" thank you note :) Really appreciate the gift Retribution <3 anything you need, feel free to ask

  3. I got Twitch Affiliated

    Congrats Phantom. I will point my friends toward your efforts.
  4. Escape from Tarkov

    Tomy, You should come join us sometime. We have 5 total that I know of in our Division but they are not always on at the same time.
  5. Escape from Tarkov

    Lol, I wish I was a little more successful like you, Drykon and Risky. I think I'm going to try the Factory Melee approach to see if I can get out with some gear. What's nice is that we now have 5 peeps who own the game, which means we can put an entire squad in to be more successful. I have an event that I have to host tonight, but I think we should get in for a couple rounds. Glad your enjoying the game. Digital Crack is s killer!
  6. Escape from Tarkov

    Hello peeps, I wanted to begin this thread because the Closed Beta is going on. If you have not heard about EFT, then I would suggest going out to YouTube and search for videos about the game. There are tons of material about the game. Everything from beginners tips to advanced strategies. The best way for me to describe the game is that of an FPS set in a closed environment (to start with) that expands to an open world once you've completed the stages to advance to the open world environment. It is PVP vs Environment that includes some nasty AI. Each stage or mini map has its own set of factors that must be navigated through for you to complete it, all the while you're having to deal with other players trying to do the same thing. Your goal is to loot everything you can carry and make it to the exit before dying. Should you make it to the extraction point you can then use the gear for your own character, sell or trade it. If you die while trying to make it to the extraction you will lose everything you took in, unless of course, you purchase insurance on those items before going into the sector. Risky has put in the time to learn and understand a couple of the maps to be successful. If any of you are interested, pick up a copy and join us. Here is a beginners video
  7. Best way to record gameplay?

    Nor, I will be more than happy to help you get Shadowplay optimized for your rig. I have been working with that software for several years now and despite all the changes to how settings are made and such, I feel that Nvidia finally hit a sweet spot in its configuration menu to make it as easy as possible for anyone wanting to use it. If you see me in the Div-III TS hit me up.
  8. Lucio ball hype train

    I'm still trying to make sure that I'm slitting this stuff at times I can actually make it
  9. Lucio ball hype train

    Lucia Ball event is up. Remind me tonight when I get online after work to either send you the names for my event Saturday or to pass them out. Hopefully the awards tab is back up
  10. DI-III August Objectives

    I will get hopping on the recruitment aspect. I am hoping that this Destiny 2 event will lead to some early recruitment opportunities, and I encourage the rest of you to promote it as well for your recruitment efforts.
  11. Overwatch Dojo Video Posts Week 3

    I still have those videos, if your in TS later remind me which map and I'll upload it. Remember these are from my perspective
  12. Post your specs thread?

    Windows 10 64 Bit Pro Phanteks Enthoo Luxe Case w/7 Corsair Mag Lev Fans (White Led) Asus Maximus VIII Hero Intel I7 6700k Corsair Vengeance RGB LED (32gigs) 3000mhz Corsair H100 Cooler Asus Strix 1080Ti OC 1080Ti Corsair AX1200i Digital PSW Samsung 950 Pro M.2 512 Gigs Samsung Evo 750gig SSD Western Digital 2 TB Asus Rog Swift PG278Q Gaming Monitor 2560x1440 @ 144hz w/Gsync Steel Series Rival 500 Gaming Mouse Corsair K70 Lux RGB Keyboard
  13. Nice good noodle star ;)

    Put that baby to use!

    1. Retribution


      Thanks man, it's official in terms of membership?

    2. OverwatchTho


      Yep! Earlier tonight I'll teach you and @Vegashow to do everything :D

  14. Hey Peeps, Although I recorded most of the matches that we were in. I am only posting two videos. Attack and Defense of Gibralter. Those of you who were apart of the group feel free to post what you have. What we are looking for is feedback from highers. Take what they have to provide and use it to your advantage. Hopefully, some of what is deciphered will be helpful to you on an individual and group basis. Also, please note that Extro is putting together a comp team and is looking for players. If you feel that you are ready and have the time to put into something such as this please jump on it. There is a post in the DIV III forums about this opportunity. Video 1 - Gibralter Attack Video 2 - Gibralter Defense
  15. Feedback from PunderDome

    I am posting this because some of the Elites wanted to take a look at the video and help us work towards higher achievements. I posted some of the videos from last week, as well as the one with Punder doing the shot calling and here is what she had to say about my play. I totally appreciate her time in doing this" Here are some things I noticed (I don't like to give critiques in public): As Winston you head to head their winston a few times (0:48, 1:35, 2:19) but Winston's strength is carving out squishy characters, not tanks (like 0:53-1:00, you massacred their squishies there or 2:34 which was a surgical elimination of mercy). Winston isn't really a bruiser, he's a finesse kind of tank (I hope that makes sense) you easily bullied by other tanks but you basically delete enemy supports (as a Zen player, I am terrified of good Winstons). Your ult was a great choice at 1:36, since winston's ult can be a murder machine in close quarters - I have some good videos of that. Based on the information you had at the time, it was a good play. (5v5 at that point) but I think the dragonblade and visor were unnecessary at that point. Your ult was a good choice. One of the dragonblade/visors should have been saved- or maybe both. 2:19, I might recommend watching some videos on counter diving. Basically you let the rein engage and then hard stomp the rest of his team. Here you took him head to head, and it sort of worked but they ended up 1 support up (Lucio) by 2:36. You did surgically remove their main healer, though, so it might be more of an issue where the dps weren't able to confirm enough kills. All the tesla spam at 2:20 is feeding mercy's res. You might want to stop watching the kill feed and start looking at the team while dead. I found that helps for having more information when you respawn - but it is fun to watch how people killed you. On the other hand, your supports should be feeding you more information as well. 3:30 lovely Winston murder time. <3 Winston murder time. 3:38 Nice! Dva is also a bruiser, so going head to head to protect your zen (me) was awesome. All of us made it out of that alive. That was your doing. 3:46 you had 100% defense matrix and could have sustained a little by eating the damage. You might not have lost your mech, but you got it back quickly so it turned out ok. At higher levels that might not be the case. 4:30 Dva can put out tons of damage but at close range. Where you're positioned, you're not protecting your team or confirming kills. 4:48 Great zoning! You can make tons of crazy plays like that more reliably by mentally tabulating who has shields and taking them down first. It was a nice clean ult. 5:30 You forgot a little about the defense matrix when you went ham right here. Your primary goal is defense matrix - you could have rendered her 100% useless instead of 70% useless. That also led to you leaving point to chase a kill and letting them get a tick (almost 2). 6:30 Your boops there aren't doing all that much here. Let them engage first and apply a hard stop by booping their DPS or their tanks. They're not getting much value by poking. You using your boosts means that Winston could initiate without fear around 6:40. 7:02 Gaze into the Iris! I popped it to save you! If you see Transcendence active, get inside! 7:24 Defense matrix! Absorb her ults! Dva has the wonderful ability of being able to shut down almost everything. 7:58 You went ham again with DF in your pocket. Remember your primary job is to deny damage. Let me know if you have any other questions!