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  1. Orianna's who I'd play. Though personally I like Taliyah and Cassiopeia a lot more than both.
  2. I'm a Gold mid/support main who wants to learn jungle. I mainly want to play Nidalee, but the role itself seems fun too. I'm just... Not very good at it. Anyway, I made a smurf specifically for jungling. I literally jungle like a bronze player; I was hardstuck in bronze 4 last season while trying to jungle. So does anyone have any advice on how I can get started?
  3. What rank are we considering low elo? I've heard Silver and below from some people and anything below Diamond 3 from others. I will agree that counter-picking can be bad, though. I was playing with a team once and a teammate picked Annie for me, because Annie apparently countered whatever it was they were playing. I happened to be a Cassiopeia/Taliyah two trick pony and ended up losing my lane pretty hard because Annie feels clunky to me. So play a counter if you're good at them, but skill on a champion is always better than a counter pick.
  4. Surprisingly I don't see it as much in gold, but on my smurf(which I literally use to practice jungle) I've run into some ridiculous people. They basically want me to camp their lane and flame me when I don't. I usually respond by saying, "It's not my job to win your lane. Just play safe." Of course that just makes them angry, but I'd rather try to get my other lanes ahead than babysit. I've also gotten people that think they're entitled to take my jungle farm. Nothing ticks me off more than when I'm sitting there smacking away at gromp and my top laner last hits it. I usually find my way over to their lane later and tax their cs, because this is my smurf and I do what I want. I'd probably try to be more civil if it was ranked. Anyway, I'll admit I'm bad at jungle, so jungle mains may have a different take on this than I do. I'm only really learning jungle because I want to play Nidalee.
  5. Yeah that's the kind of thing I'm talking about. Had a Draven once who ran away when I got a Nami bubble on the low HP enemy adc. Sure enough, I got 2v1'd and killed. Lost the game and out-damaged the Draven... on Nami. That sort of thing is why utility ends up ticking me off. haha
  6. So is it plat where utility becomes more viable? I've tried to play utility a few times in gold/silver, but always end up annoyed by bad teammates and go back to Zyra/Vel'Koz.
  7. Dunno what supports you play, but I've been climbing playing Zyra and Vel'Koz. Seems really hard to climb with utility.
  8. I've been trolling on my smurf by playing AP splitpush jungle Teemo. It's pretty hilarious. https://plays.tv/s/LNrd7VspOvM0
  9. I don't read guides anymore, but yeah, I also used to use mobafire and lolking. That's probably going to be your best bet.
  10. I have to agree. I recently climbed to gold maining support and while most of the journey I managed between a 60% and 70% winrate, there were moments where I simply had bad luck. Most recently, league threw a lot of bad teams at me when I got promoted to Silver 1. So my winrate on my main champ dropped from 60 - 70% to about 20% trying to stay in Silver 1 and I ended up going through my Silver 1 promos three times. After that unlucky streak ended, I shot up to gold in a day. I guess my point is that bad luck does happen. Just don't mistake a need to improve your own gameplay for bad luck.
  11. This has been my goal all season and I've finally reached it. I know for some gold isn't a big deal, but this feels like a huge accomplishment for me and I wanted to share. https://gyazo.com/1fe53cbcfd3015c5aa0e6a7d1d23265f
  12. lmao that was great. I couldn't stop watching.
  13. Gold Struggles.

    What kind of problems are you noticing? I'm not gold yet, but I'm close enough that I play with a lot of Gold players. In comparison, bronze seemed like tilt-central where everyone ran around not knowing what to do.
  14. This is exactly how I feel every time I play Janna. lmao I'm actually a Zyra/Vel'Koz support main, but I do play Nami, Janna, and Sona sometimes.
  15. What if I'm almost Gold in normal ranked, but I'm Bronze 1 in flex?