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  1. In the good ol midlane, I hate laning against Yasuo. He dashes all over the place, making it tough to hit my skillshots. His windwall makes me miss cs. I don't even find him particularly hard unless the Yasuo is good(which is pretty rare in silver), but I do find him incredibly annoying. Down in bot lane(I also play support), my most annoying lane opponent has got to be Caitlyn. Bonus points if my adc locked in Vayne for some god-forsaken reason. She simply bullies other adc's out of lane, so I always ban her unless my adc is planning to play her. Some honorable mentions are Fizz, Kassadin, Draven, and Blitzcrank.
  2. I'm not gold yet, but switching from jungle to mid made me jump from Bronze 5 to Silver 4 last season. Went from a 40% win-rate to 80%, so it made a huge difference. The jump from switching roles hasn't been as big, but this season I seem to be getting good results playing damage supports. I always get the role I want, can carry team fights, and since I'm in charge of vision, I don't have to worry too much about my team not having any. I'm not even duo queueing and I have around a 60% winrate, so I can only imagine what kind of winrate I'd have with a good duo partner. Aside from switching roles, I think the main game changer for me is that I'm simply getting better at the game. Every little improvement adds up.
  3. Cassiopeia has needed a new skin for a very long time now. Her last one was released in 2013 and it's not even that good. As for ideas, maybe scorched earth or justicar?
  4. I've really taken a liking to the role after picking up Zyra and Brand. I know some people hate the "damage supports", but really, they're great for carrying in low elo.
  5. Yeah, sounds interesting.
  6. Thanks. This looks like some pretty useful info!
  7. I've actually started one tricking Zyra since getting back into league. Not playing much mid at the moment.
  8. Welcome to DI, Pharaoh! I also play League and Overwatch.
  9. It's worth noting your ping can vary greatly. I get 30 average on NA and 130 average on EUW.
  10. Actually, I'd argue it's not about whether you can get kills. I never buy it on the champions I play(Cassiopeia and Taliyah), because they want the stats offered by Doran's Ring. Mana regen and a passive that offers a mana refund is just too good to give up. Vladimir, on the other hand, gets a lot more out of buying Dark Seal. Because he doesn't use mana at all, Dark Seal's passive - which makes potions 25% more effective - is a lot more useful than what you'd get from Doran's Ring. So on him Doran's Ring just seems like a bad buy, but I'm sure there are instances when boots or Corruption Potion are better than Dark Seal.
  11. Pretty much any trap. I'm not even sure if it counts as gay anyway.
  12. I was wondering if there's a league club for DI and if there so, can I get an invite?
  13. I'd be up for flex. My ign is "Shiro L". I'm silver in normal ranked, but only Bronze II in flex right now. Here's what I play: Mid: Cassiopeia, Taliyah. Backups are Syndra, Malzahar, and Lux. Support: Brand. Currently learning Zyra and can play Karma if they're both banned. I'm generally free on weekends and 7 to 11 PM CST, but apart from that my schedule is unpredictable.
  14. Well hi there, fellow initiate. Welcome to DI!
  15. As a silver player, I think bronze sounds pretty accurate. I'm able to consistently get out just by having decent mechanics and csing better than everyone.