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  1. Good point! Though if anything, the z move would help its already very strong bulk so I'm not sure if I see follow me options being as prevalent with him. Also the biggest issue is in its move pool and coverage--theyre really mediocre at best and the increased stats don't really make up for its poop defensive typing and crap move pool despite a good offensive typing
  2. I don't see rage powder or follow me being as useful against a spread z move (which is awesome by the way). Roar has always had a niche against set ups like pz and eevium so if anything it'll just become more prevalent.
  3. I'll See You In A Week!

    Finally, some peace and quiet. Jk, enjoy your vacation bro <3
  4. Pokemon League Challenge - August

    Oh wait I remember this, it was in July and we haven't played at all in August
  5. Pokemon League Challenge - August

    i dont actually remember but did I give you my badge/ did we ever play? or are you not interested in my revamped battlespot doubles ;)
  6. For Initiates who need 200 posts

    Look at our club calendar. We have tons of tournaments and shiny events (where we sit and talk while shiny hunting), along with cards against humanity and other stuff every week! We also have our own showdown server, where we do our tournaments
  7. For Initiates who need 200 posts

    Not to be aggressive or anything...but commenting "ok" doesn't really make it any more active
  8. For Initiates who need 200 posts

    btw this doesnt increase your post count for initiation or honors

    With people so disappointed with the dusk form, I don't see what could happen with a dawn form. I mean there's only so many directions they can go if they're trying to keep a similar design.
  10. Rival Challenge Plahythroughs

    I'd love to do this! But I don't really have any games I'm willing to restart right now. If I join, it'll be when USUM come out. Till then, you guys should give updates on what goes on between rivals!
  11. PSA: The Upcoming Months

    His face actually does a good job of that anyway
  12. PSA: The Upcoming Months

    only you get homeschooled nerd the rest of us are busy PARTYING IT UP at real school
  13. Mimikyu

    yeah definitely! wanna hop on the PS server right now?
  14. Mimikyu

    gengar's a bit too fast for a tr setter but you can run it--biggest issue is the one you mentioned yourself, it doesnt have the bulk other tr abusers need Belly drum madness is where you have things with belly drum and EVERYTHING else has psych up to the point where youre running physical fini hahaha
  15. Can't read my poll

    I believe Aegislash won @EviLaz