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  1. MMR Leaderboard

    2900<1593 @khelm cuz logic
  2. makes sense, but can you focus fire 2 heroes at the same time.Its practicly useless but uk just curious.
  3. Can u focus fire while focus fire is on tho, via refresher ?
  4. I played against Waga and won

    you can see which pros he played aganist/with from here : https://www.opendota.com/players/196329177/pros
  5. Coaching available

    No one knows
  6. We want a special rank for ourselves as "Calpers" .
  7. How do I deal with Troll Warlord

    Abandon the game,go next,ez works everytime.
  8. Why is Vishnu retarded?

  9. GameLeap guide on Ursa

    Pvgna is better fyi.
  10. DI-XIII MMR Leaderboard

    Name:Blade Solo MMR: 3424 Last Updated: 13Jul2017 Pos:2,1,4 EU W
  11. Just hit 3k

    I won 8 matches (3k>3.2k) buy just picking what needed.Cause enemy team picked 5 carries 8 matches in a row, yea really.All matches was <30min.I suggest you the same 'cuz you will encounter this alot in lower parts of 3k bracket.
  12. Just hit 3k

    Well enjoy even more cancer ppl.
  13. You dont need mangos just boots and orb venom walk down mid chase him to fountain ez.
  14. Thing with this is if your teammates doesnt know the call outs it doesnt matter if you know or not.