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  1. Brood Mother

  2. Unofficial PvP

    yes ill be starting to rebuild on that server, I've been a bit inactive lately due to rl
  3. Unofficial Server Addresses and Info

    cool. Thanks again for the help Lightning :)
  4. Unofficial Server Addresses and Info

    Was the crystal Isle server supposed to be wiped this time? I just logged in and noticed the bases are still not there.
  5. Unofficial Server Addresses and Info

    Ok thanks Lightning
  6. Unofficial Server Addresses and Info

    just over 24 hrs ago
  7. Unofficial Server Addresses and Info

    Hey what happened to the Crystal Isles server? I logged on today to work on the fight night to see my base had been wiped including my dinos.
  8. Official PvP Scrap Book

    good job guys :)
  9. Unofficial PvP

    lol looking forward to it :P
  10. Unofficial PvP

    u just did ill invite u into tribe I have set up once where both online. from there we will create a fob, after we will move to a more hidden location close to important resources
  11. Unofficial PvP

    on a side note those wanting to stream on twitch will be more than welcome to stream on our content
  12. Unofficial PvP

    G'day DI-IX So as a few of you may have heard I'm creating a Unofficial PvP Team. The primary objective is for more casual gameplay compared to official minus the excessive drama. PvP/Raiding will be priority but of course our members will also be expected to help in building and taming. Unofficial will also give the less experienced Ark players an opportunity to learn how to play without the severe consequences of official when a mistake is made, aka losing a dino. The servers we will be looking for to begin with will have a high population with around x5 - x10 gather/taming multiplier, BattleEye, Mods which keep ark fairly vanilla (no annunaki) and of course we will be staying away from servers which are pay to win. Current Server DarkfallPVP.com [5xG/XP][10xT/B][Pts/Kits][Tek] IP address: Query IP: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/1006441 Server website: http://www.darkfallpvp.com/ Includes Mods, Rules, Point System, Server info Rates: x5 tame, x5 XP, x10 Tame/Breeding, x25 Egg hatch rate, BattleMetrics Rank: 11 Lowest player population in last 7 days: 10 Max population last 7 days: 80 Max player slots: 100 Map: Ragnarok Last Wiped: 07/07 Make sure you read the server rules before joining http://www.darkfallpvp.com/ Killing Passive dinos will not be tolerated Those who wish to join please reply in the comments @Aralornx@Matrix@AnimaLibera@LightningHawk@Paris@k3y0z@DrunkGuy@rommel@Strangeguy1@maxgoeswhatever@Matt122@Vintage@Varriate@Paranoid@HashTag@Age@Jobbyforce@ToxicEnigma@Vaulk@togetorr@Queen@gorbachef@Phoenix@ProAlex@FennecFoxing@bigcruise570@burningsoul@makee191@Protaygo@Alumii@Kronos@Voltron@Neo@Dsan2660@Pepper@Rthx@Strayker
  13. Official Tribe Needs

    yeh most of the members during my timezone have been on Rag 5 just building small huts and raiding small bases until the server comes back up. I personally have been jumping between Rag 5 and the unofficial crystal isles server DI currently owns to lvl my character for the fight night being held in a couple of weeks looks like there is a patch coming tomorrow which should fix the issues behind our server being down http://ark.gamepedia.com/Patch_Notes
  14. Official Weekend Raids

    yeh a quetzal would be great for raids, only reason I didn't add it was due to its difficulty to tame on a different server. However in the future I wouldn't mind setting up a fob on another server for raising raiding dinos, though it would mean the members raising dinos on that server would have to focus a few days solely on that server unable to help us on our main base, which is why where not raising dinos on a different servers. Those wanting to tame a quetzal on a different server are more than welcome to. :)