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  1. Hmm a nice upgrade from my normal "leave or die" thank you lol.
  2. Wish I knew about this a few weeks ago, thats an insane amount of stones you can get. Good find!
  3. Dark Knight Guide

    it's pretty OP imo and I play one, we just have far too much mobility that is basically never off cooldown, add that with the dmg we can deal its just too strong but I'm not complaining.
  4. my first horse race :0

    Can't say I do and tbh never even knew you could race horses lol. I might give it a go I've got a nice tier 5 with instant accel.
  5. New

    You're not in DI-CI anymore :P
  6. New

    Well that didn't last long.
  7. Node wars and pvp

    All depends on your class really, I'm not completely up to speed with the way the PvP meta is but there are set roles for the different classes as far as I understand.
  8. Fishing event questions

    Then it would be the furthest one of those from velia that has an imperial fish trader, I only know that glish does not sure about the others.
  9. Fishing event questions

    1. I have a fishing boat and we will be sharing, going around some islands in velia to search for active hotspots. 2. No, the event will last an hour or 2 max. 3. It will depend on your node setup, but Velia if your nodes dont stretch to Glish or another imperial fish trader.
  10. Reform stones ..HELP

    Asking here also helps other people understand it so its killing 2 birds with one stone.
  11. Not as much to talk about this week, but if any of you who couldn't come have any questions feel free to ask in the comments below. Our 2IC Chnob is now the 2IC, so if i'm not around then you can go to him if you have a problem or a question. NA Side of Things NA side of the venture is officially disolved for now, that doesn't mean it won't start up again, but we have no leader and until we do I don't think we can really have an NA side of things. Events This Week Events this week, will be doing more fun ones since we have managed to get to a decent place with the guild in terms of the skill points. Will be doing a fishing trip, PvP tournament and a relic scroll/awakened boss scroll event. Everyone is welcome to come to any of them, only thing I would say is that if you want to come to the relic scroll event make sure you have atleast 5 scrolls to use or it just wouldnt be fair to the others who do bring that many, and also with that event we will only be doing groups if they are full, so if 7 people show up we will only do 1 group of 5. And the next time I run these events I will make sure the people who couldnt come will be first in line for the next time. Progression looking forward In terms of progression, everyone has done a great job of getting to 56, a few newer members still need a bit of help but thats fine and they will get 56 soon hopefully, and for everyone else try and push for 57 and maybe even 58, just using your 200% to grind everyday in a sausans group should get you there before you leave olvia servers. In terms of AP/DP I want to make sure everyone starts getting up towards 300(combined weapon AP)/200 DP as a bare minimum for node wars, so soon I will be asking for everyones AP/DP so I can keep track of it and make sure people are making good progress, and if not, why. Main Channels If you didn't know already then we have our main channels sorted out, will be Olvia 6 and Mediah 5, so if you log in make sure you go into one of those channels please. This will also be the channels we will be doing our guild quests and events on.
  12. Dark Knight Guide

    Dark Knight Guide Pro's High Mobility High Burst Lots of AOE Good in both PvP and PvE Con's Repetitive Grinding Cooldown Reliant Squishy Skill Build Generally just pick up everything before you are level 55, and when you get to 56 reset it all and go for something like this. This is in terms of priority for skilling up: Shattering Darkness Spirit Legacy Twilight Dash Spirit Hunt Grip of Grudge Hallucination Gap Dusk: Hallucination Seed of Catastrophe Touch of Exploitation Spirit Blaze Soul Snatch Also take all the flows possible for the skills listed. Useful non-awakened skills to take after level 56: Chain: Dusk Smoky Haze Wheel of Fortune Air Strike Nocturne 13 x Spirit Combustion 6 x Infinite Mastery Skilled Hunter (PvE) Rotation My perfect rotation would be something like this: Twilight Dash > Shattering Darkness > Spirit Hunt > Seed of Catastrophe > Spirit Legacy (spam until all are dead) This is only for PvE, PvP is very different and reliant on reactions rather than a set rotation. Weapon/Armor My Gear - http://bdoplanner.com/s/2GEk2iBv My Short-term Goal - http://bdoplanner.com/s/d80qyuBu BiS - http://bdoplanner.com/s/wb8jYsow (no one has this and no one ever will, getting PEN on stuff is insanely lucky and consumes a lot of silver for even one attempt) The short term goal I believe is OK for tier 1 node wars. Gems This is a budget version of the crystals you want to be going for, the high end crystals are very very expensive and are not really an option for any of us right now. Magic Crystal – Crimson Flame (weapon) Critical Chance +1 Ancient Magic Crystal of Perfection (sub-weapon) Luck +2 Magic Crystal of Infinity – Agility (helmet) Evasion +2 Ancient Magic Crystal of Abundance – Energy X2 (chest) Maximum HP +100 Magic Crystal of Infinity – Assault (gloves) Attack Speed +2 Magic Crystal of Infinity – Swiftness (shoes) Movement Speed +2 If you feel that I could add anything to this please feel free to comment and I'll consider it. And if any other member wants to make something similar for their class it would be greatly appreciated, just run it by me first. As requested by@NuttyNinja
  13. Steam trading cards

    If you collect all of them you can make a badge for your steam profile, it gives steam level xp and some backgrounds/emotes I believe.
  14. Steam trading cards

    Don't have either of those spare sadly :/ I'm looking for Kunoichi, Maehwa and Ranger. I have spares of Berserker, Dark Knight, Musa, Tamer and Striker.
  15. Deciding on a Main Channel

    Olivia6 is where I have started to join every time I log on, would be nice if everyone could join that channel as well if they remember. As for a main channel, probably balenos5 I know a few of our members who can't join Olivia channels already go on that so it's the logical choice.