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    i followed both Facebook and Twitter , i'll send the screenshots as soon as possible.
  2. it seems very interesting, i'll try to build some teams soon.
  3. Good animes to start

  4. Good animes to start

    i recommend you no game no life, assassination classroom and my hero academia. Other good anime are Guilty crown, Fairy tail, one punch man, re:zero and noragami.
  5. Let's build a team

    Change the ev spread on mimikyu, with psych up you don't need investment on atk, bold with 252 def could be a good option. Snorlax should be better with high horse power on crunch. Tapu fini could be a good option for its terrain, you can also try a support version with heal pulse (n this case i would run a bulky one with a super berry). Then you can use the last slots of the team for coverage and/or support, if i were you i would add something that can be run both under and outside the tr. p.s: If you want to do something quite crazy but still solid you can try band metagross with explosion in combo with mimikyu.
  6. the new lycanroc form

    i think that this new form (maybe more than one) is really probable, mainly because in the PGL site some hackers found censored forms of it.
  7. the new lycanroc form

    No but probably they will announce a new mimikyu form in the next episode of the anime
  8. Hello everyone

    Welcome! :D
  9. breedjects ?

    i have breedjects of grimer, gible, wingull, psyduck and gastly, if you're interested in some (or all) of them send me a pm.
  10. Big News! New Activity Requirements!

    Oke, thanks for the news.
  11. the new lycanroc form

    ^ I hope that the dusk form will be obtainable also in-game and that in the event they will simply distribute its z crystal + a lycanroc/rockruff like what they did with munchlax.
  12. Competitive Team A Help Desk August

    Read and understood. You can find me on discord (HeliosVelite#8927)
  13. What is your most neutral mon?

    I know, i meant to say that I see dunsparce like a neutral pokemon because i don't hate it but i also don't like it and idk why