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  1. So as a pet project I like to level up an account by exclusively playing Coop vs Ai Games, 1 game a day. After nearly a year. I achieved my target. Yes I lost a few matches due to disconnects. Some Random Stats: Total Matches Played: ~250 Total IP Earned: 39337+ 30 (Runes)+6300 (Yasuo Only champ I bought) =45667 IP Got Honor Level 3, received a Capsule and earned Grey Warwick. Feels DiamondMan
  2. These items will be on sale- I guess no URFWick for me More information about Preseason here- https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/115012640908
  3. Read the reddit source, that's linked in the topic. Once the preseason the ingame currency will change from IP to BE and all your existing Blue Essence will be multiplied by 6.5 and added to your IP. Hence if you get 350 BE from disenchanting a champion right now, that will become 2275 once preseason starts. So you made a gain of 2275-1700=575 ingame currency.
  4. Courtesy of reddit. It seems if you buy champion shards and disenchant them into blue essence, in 2 months when the preseason begins you'll be able to make a profit of 8.4%. This has been confirmed by Riot themselves. Grind that BE BOIS!
  5. Cassiopeia suits people with a naturally aggressive style of play. Your level 1 'E spam' is one of the strongest game and if you're playing against anyone slightly inexperienced you will destroy them/ deny them soo much cs that they become useless and this gets the enemy team tilted. I would say her Q is one of the more easier skillshots to hit in the game because it has cast time but no travel time. This doesnt mean you will be hitting every single Q but even if you hit 1 among 3 you should be able to chunk out the enemy considerably with the follow up E spam. Mana Issues play a role but in about ~5 games you should be able to get a judge on your mana costs. The 'high skill cap' about her comes to play in the teamfights because she has low range, situational mobility and almost no utility. Hence you will have to learn to position yourself really well in order to have an impact in them. This also means that if you're behind with her, other than landing a good ult you cant do much.
  6. In the current patch I have been banning Janna every game. Still find it unbelievable because I never thought I would see a day when Janna would be a priority ban. Banning Janna allows me to pick Sona without being worried about being outscaled in any possible way. Previously I was banning any huge tank like Chogath, Maokai, Zac. I also indulge in the scumbag activity known as target banning. i.e If a lobby gets dodged and in the next lobby I dont see the same players. I ban champions that I had seen my previous lobbymates pre-select.
  7. Or any enchanter support players, now is our time to shine! Janna, Soraka, Sona have an extremely high win rate in the current patch. I'm not exactly certain why; Possibly because ancient coin is very strong and tank junglers are favorable again. So start spamming those ranked games and gain some juicy LP
  8. When I first started I used to read up guides on mobafire and lolking all the time. I think those sites should be your best bet for writing a guide. They have pretty nice tools which will help you with formatting and making your guide attractive. I actually did write a partial pantheon guide in season 5, never ended up having the faith to publish it. The other place where I would suggest you could write a guide would be in r/summonerschool/ . This method is best suited for an 'one-time guide' as opposed to a guide that is kept updated every patch. You will also receive feedback allowing you to improve your guide. I also think written guides are a bit out of fashion. The current trend is all about video guides with running commentary. Gamers dont seem to have the patience to read through the entirety of a well written guide and besides games are all about application, videos demonstrate mechanics better. Finally, your rank should not be an issue. I've seen some gold guides being pretty popular on those 2 sites. As long as your content is coherent and well researched you will get an audience. Of course, if there is a challenger player who has written a guide about the same champion he will get preference. Keep in mind that gold-unranked players make up more than 90% of the population and this is what your guide should be aimed towards rather than high elo players. I'm quite certain that diamond+ players dont really look up guides. They keep up with the item build paths and spectate gameplay.
  9. Hey buddy this is slightly off topic but is DI CII based only on league of legends? To my knowledge there were just the 3 divisions in league.
  10. Article is a year old but I came across it today. The numbers are astounding especially after knowing that Dota 2 and Overwatch both have players numbering between 10-15 million. Source
  11. A small update: The first known cases of reaching honor level 3 are surfacing. Keep in mind that all of them are on OCE where honor was released a patch earlier.
  12. The only perk gained out of leveling up champion mastery is that it opens up a new avenue to BM with.