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  1. Vegas' Introduction.

    Welcome buddy! Good luck with your initiate cohort!
  2. Intro from QueenD

    Welcome to DI! Always glad to see more Overwatch players! Hop on our TS and and get to know this crazy bunch :)
  3. Whats your green eggs and ham?

    I was always hesitant to try Thai food because I can only handle "medium" level of spiciness but once I finally did I was hooked instantly!
  4. Hello

    Keep at it and remember that Al Bundy once scored 4 touchdowns in a single game for Polk High.
  5. Favourite Food to Get When Out?

    I love a good bowl of Pho, and a nice Thai Curry. Apart from that if I am watching one of my teams then it has to be some delicious chicken wings and cold beer!
  6. To me in general it always seems like a 50/50 shot. The reality is that even in duo or triple que you still have to rely on strangers in order to win. I have had great solo q games and of course some that were just terrible. I think that as long as you know you are doing your best and focused then that is all you can do.
  7. Hello!

    No worries that's what we are here for buddy!
  8. Hello!

    The best way to get to know those guys is to hop into our team speak and start chatting, for the competitive teams I would have you first check if they are having practice so as to no disturb them. Th Overwatch TS channel is always pretty lively and we are very inviting so have no worries starting a conversation.
  9. Hello!

    SO DI-XV is our European Overwatch Division as for the rest DI-III Team A and B for example are our competitive teams where we hold scrims with other teams and have higher requirements to be a part of. The other Casual-A Casual-B and so on are what they sound like and where the majority of our members are in, just playing casually and having fun but we still do take comp seriously it's just less of a demanding regiment. I hope that helped. Feel free to ask anymore questions you may have!
  10. Introduction of Meep

    Welcome to DI! My wife is also hot hahaha
  11. Hola. Jinxxy's introduction :)

    Welcome to DI! Always happy to see more Overwatch peeps!
  12. Cinnamon Bun Introduction

    Love the name hahaha Welcome to DI!
  13. Hey

    Welcome to DI!
  14. Hello!

    Welcome to DI! Always happy to see more Overwatch people! Hop on to our TS and feel free to chat it up and join us for some games!