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  1. Welcome to DI. You reminded me to add Orisa to my list, I am just terrible with her.
  2. The retro way, many many times has either a parent or sibling come running across the room only to trip over your controller cord and sometimes the whole console with it. ahh the memories and rage.
  3. Let's gather some info about our division

    Done. It will be interesting to see the results now that our division has grown.
  4. Happy Birthday Jedwayne!!!!

    Happy Birthday Buddy!
  5. Hello there!

    Welcome to DI!
  6. Hey! I'm Highlife! (Max)

    Welcome buddy!
  7. Overwatch Dance Emotes Reenacted by Dad

    This is gold. I love that the dog is totally unimpressed.
  8. Merlin

    I enjoyed watching it, the effects reminded me of the old Hercules legendary journey and Xena type effects
  9. Who's your favorite anime character ever? Why?

    Jubei from Ninja Scroll was my first anime love after hi it is Vegeta and Himura Kenshin.
  10. Exactly, feel free to join us on TS we are always happy to play with anyone looking to have some good times
  11. Casual C Thread

    Just in case any of you Casual C members don't have my battlenet here it is. Please go ahead and add me and I'll see you on TS! HitmanHart#11473
  12. For those of you of age, What's your poison?

    I love Tyskie. It's a really nice refreshing beer.
  13. OverWatch Dojo Week Two

    Good stuff here indeed thanks @Retribution
  14. Wow just wow! I cant imagine how drained you must of felt after the initial burst of relief with it being over.
  15. Communication prep for the next Dojo

    I Love hearing all the excitement for our next Dojo event. We can only get better!!