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  1. Love Darting nix as Grey :p or Take Aim! revealing with Khita lol or a lot of other stuff like Rooting with Asana thingie right the turn he wants to invis
  2. That's a nice guide right there ^^ and a good amount of humor used :3 buuuut anyhowwww, since the day I started playing and loving Grey, I vowed to never play Nix, and always hunt em down =p so I shall use this guide against all those Nix players and reveal them!
  3. Ice if that counts? :3
  4. Currently, this FMA Brotherhood. its a fun show :3 me likes
  5. Sooo is it a bannable crime if I... This Thread?
  6. Ugh Im so gonna kill you Maddy (uhhh, wasnt expecting that ^ >.>)
  7. What's on my mind? wahhh, what is this blasphemy you call a mind.