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  1. Two true and a lie

    Your lazors of hope carried me :3 rip I got called out on 2 lies, maaaaaaaaan. inb4 someone says the #BlameShado is the actual lie
  2. Two true and a lie

    Maaaaaaaaaaaan, am I that obvious?
  3. Two true and a lie

    I was real sad when I won LemonTeam on the fight to first slot in the tourney cause he was so determined to win and I had no reason to win We always #BlameShado, we lose or we win Queen carried me to first spot in the 2v2 tourney
  4. Vacation.

    @MrSfke you forgot to tag me also QQ
  5. New to club

    Welcome! hope you enjoy your stay :3
  6. But they dont see me trollin Been fun rollin around, got me a master Elle 0w0
  7. How is this even possible

    Rip. how in the world... that's like even worse than me ;-;
  8. How is this even possible

    Was the Nev charging up like I usually do?
  9. locust fun facts

    Have you found any further knowledge on this matter, Meme?
  10. Asana power

    Pff you just got carried and you know it :P
  11. Atlas Reactor good?

    I know, the "skin p2w best p2w" is kind of an inside joke we have in Atlas, even @MrSfkekinda mentioned it there, dont take it too serious
  12. Atlas Reactor good?

    I think I did
  13. Atlas Reactor good?

    Skin P2W best Ptw