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  1. Asator the new guy

    hey luis, welcome to di. it should be ez going for u.
  2. Casual Team A Thread

    welcome to casual A @Supremeg0d
  3. anybody try it out? what's ur take on it. I think i'll just stick to pc and not try it, but would like for it to bring more players to shk.
  4. Hello. I'm unique :)

    hey rob, welcome to di. platinum is n your near future.
  5. Hello

    hey bloodlust, welcome to di. glad to hear ur enjoying playing ark with di.
  6. Hello

    hey mud, welcome to di. enjoy playing overwatch with fellow di members.
  7. Hello

    hey sasa, welcome to di. looks like u play a lot of games.
  8. Hello

    hey major, welcome to di. how's things in Austria?
  9. new event up for 18th august, see initial post n this thread for details.
  10. How do I get a better fps for league of legends!!

    um, sounds like u getting enough fps @ 80-90, unless it dropping very low during team fights and gets choppy.
  11. RileyDoTa Introduction

    hey tim, welcome to di. happy early 21st bday.
  12. Casual Team A Thread

    welcome @kuroda to Casual A.
  13. Good Day

    hey steven, welcome to di. what's the drinking age in Switzerland.?
  14. New Dota Initiate

    hey chris, welcome to di. lots of dota players here. happy gaming
  15. Daves Jokes

    I like them david, good way to get the posts count up too.