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  1. Daves Jokes

    where u getting these from david?
  2. I've got to win around 67% just to break even, hilarious. i think i'll take a break.
  3. I've lost 7 in a row, true story, haha.
  4. Hi! My name is Little Snowman

    hey littlesnowman, welcome to di. what does a "fine artist" do?
  5. Hey , Am MatealZuck

    hey hammad, I was your mentor, nice to see you did an intro. congrats on the gate keeper position.
  6. Razorback's Intro

    hey tom, welcome to di. with a username like razorback I would have thought u had some connection to Arkansas.
  7. Stranger things.

    it's like many of the good streaming shows, they're good enough for me to binge watch the entire 1st season, but a 2nd season doesn't interest me.
  8. What film(s) have you seen more than 10 times?

    true grit, the new version. it was the only consistent movie available to watch at work years ago, so I watched it 1-3 times a week for 1 year or more, no kidding, blah, parts of the movie are burned into my brain.
  9. Daves Jokes

    some good ones david, keep them coming.
  10. What is your Mic Set up?

    I use $1 ear buds from dollar tree and a mic off ebay for 97 cents from china (price included free shipping, haha).
  11. Hey!

    hey wizz, welcome to di.
  12. Some help with my GPU usage problem

    let us know if u figure it out, could help us n the future.
  13. Presentation Dadriun

    hey Adrien, welcome to di.
  14. she's fun to play, but too weak for me late game, maybe that will change.
  15. Salutations from the North

    hey rushhourninja, welcome to di. nice to hear you're excited.